The Nobody Inn

Doddiscombsleigh, Exeter EX6 7PS, United Kingdom

The Nobody Inn
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M99H+2J Exeter, United Kingdom
+44 1647 252394
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William Mahy
William Mahy
Brilliant old pub in the middle of nowhere. Very quiet setting, but very well looked after and liked. Still some old furniture. Interesting stories from locals about the No Body in a burial casket (hence the name). Good beer and an amazing (over 240 I'm told) selection of whiskies. Good food. Friendly staff. Rooms available as well.
Stella Forde
Stella Forde28 days ago
Fabulous place and the staff are Amazing. Very cosy and inviting.
As the building is so old we asked a lady if it was haunted and she said not really just maybe feeling uneasy in places. Weirdly enough hubby woke up screaming as there was an old lady sitting on the bed. Room 3
The food was beautiful and breakfast was plentiful.., didn't need to eat for the rest of the day.
Thank you Ann for swapping our date, we loved it x
Natalie Kaliszewska
Natalie Kaliszewska28 days ago
We were attending a evening wedding do on friday the 7th October at the Lord Haldon so decided to stay here the night as it was a ten minute drive away.
We had a meal at the Nobody Inn before we attended the wedding and were told the procedure for leaving the key with staff and that they would leave it out for us.
So when we finished our meal we followed the procedure and left the key.
When we arrived back at the Nobodyinn at just gone midnight we were distraught to discover that no key was left out for us.
After much deliberation on if the best option was to sleep in the car on a cold evening or try and force entry in to our room, we decided to force our way in to the room, fortunately not breaking the door or lock.
Unfortunately for us this did not solve all our problems as we were staying in room 2 which had a separate bathroom, again requiring the same key which we could not get access to. As a result of this we had to use the parking lot for the rest of the night to go to the bathroom. Extremely degrading and unhygienic but we had no other option.
Upon leaving that morning, I phoned the premises and asked for the owner to call me. 4 hours passed and I had not heard anything so I sent a email explaining what had happened and politely requesting a refund for the room.
The reply I received back can only be described as rude, unprofessional and degrading. The owner not only accused us of fabricating the whole situation but asked us to pay for the refunds she had to issue to other people staying there who were disturb in the night by the noice we had made.
After various emails back on forth with each other, I asked her to check the cctv that will show us leaving the key, myself coming down in the morning before breakfast and retrieving the key and the most obvious (which should have been checked before accusing us of lying) the cctv of the staff not leaving out the key.
A couple of days later I received a rather awkward phone call from the manager apologising for the error and admitting it was there fault after reviewing the cctv.
I can only describe the management of this establishment as unprofessional and rude.
I truly hope that no one else who stays here has to endure what we went through in terms of being locked out of our room but I mostly hope that the management have learnt from this experience to listen to customers and that they can not accuse people of lying without looking in to the circumstances properly.
Ian Thompson
Ian Thompson58 days ago
Out of the way quiet location on the edge of dartmoor, very friendly staff great service. Very historic quaint pub with 5 upstairs rooms retaining features like wonky floors, exactly what we wanted. If you want modern facilities stay somewhere else. Good food and drink and special mention for awesome whiskies stocked, some 300+ I'm told ! Been going here for over 40yrs as I like it so much.
Ines58 days ago
Ordered the haddock and the pie , both which tasted wonderful!
Very friendly service.
Dog friendly and great location of a village pub.
Lynsey freeman
Lynsey freeman58 days ago
Great 2 night stay at The Nobody Inn , warm and comfortable accommodation. Breakfast very tasty with locally sourced ingredients . Evening meals on both nights fabulous , with generous portions . Very wide range of Beers/whiskys amd Gins . All staff were very chatty and attentive . We will definitely return . Thankyou Nobody Inn Team
Helen Tanner
Helen Tanner2 years ago
We didn't stay so cannot comment on the rooms, however the food was absolutely delicious, the service friendly and consistent. We couldn't have asked for more, we shall return.
Stuart Taylor
Stuart Taylor2 years ago
A beautiful place to be - such genuine old fashioned charm and great decor. We loved the candles - they really add to the ambiance when a place is genuinely old.

We had Sunday lunch here and couldn’t fault it. The staff were attentive and helpful and the food was sublime.

This pub is dog friendly and the owner even has a lovely little doggy!

(Incidentally this is a proper pub - a free house - with an VERY extensive range and superb understanding of their trade).
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