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Sandy Park Way, Exeter EX2 7NN, United Kingdom

David Lloyd Exeter
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PG6J+26 Exeter, United Kingdom
+44 1392 357240
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Aphra Harford
Aphra Harford
I’m sick and tired of the poor management of David Lloyd Exeter.
Its the worst club I’ve ever experienced. I’ve experienced many, all over the world due to my job.
Every single time I come, there’s always an issue. From rudeness of staff, to complete incompetence.
The staff turnover is exceptionally high. The staff get treated terribly, the pay is low and staff are always expected to work beyond their set hours. So no wonder their service is abysmal.

Training seems non existent. Morale seems extremely low, the place is an absolute mess.

I do not recommend I’m the slightest.
Elizabet Rado
Elizabet Rado32 days ago
Worst Club ever. I travelled a lot and used to live in several European countries. I never had any similar poor experience to David LLoyd Exeter. Many staff has no idea what they are doing. You cannot contact the Manager or the membership team. They do not answer any emails or messages. You cannot call or contact them.
Robert Monkhouse
Robert Monkhouse32 days ago
There appears to be a consistent theme for negative feedback for David Lloyd Exeter and our experience is sadly no different. We are a family of four who paid every month but under utilised the facilities. We therefore contacted DL Exeter and explained we wanted to reduce our package as our two children rarely use the club. We were told they couldn't make changes so we needed to resign and give two months notice, which we did. I don't think this is the best way to manage customers looking to amend rather than leave but this appears to be the process for DL Exeter. Having reluctantly resigned the whole family we were contacted by Evie, who is apparently in the Win Back Team. Communication and comprehension are not her strong point as she repeatedly failed to listen or understand our situation and what we were looking to achieve so we effectively gave up. As the notice period approached its end we were contacted again by the club who could apparently see Evie had been in touch and that we were still on track to leave but could offer no solution as it was in the hands of Evie. We were left wondering what the purpose of the call was, however it did prompt us to try again and see if Evie was able to actually 'win us back'. How wrong we were. This time she responded promptly but ignored our desire to remove the children from the package, told us our package was now more expensive and even had the audacity to try and up sell us to an even more expensive package when all along we were trying to reduce our costs. Incredulous. We explained that her response had no bearing on our situation or request. We were ignored and received no response. We followed up again and asked our situation to now be treated as a complaint and be escalated. We have so far been ignored. Our notice period has now ended, our membership is now terminated, we were a family of 4 members looking to be a couple membership and they have lost all of us. Is this the path to success, either at a club or business level? I suspect not and with many people facing cost of living challenges I can see more challenges ahead for David Lloyd Exeter. For anyone considering joining DL Exeter, don't bother as you won't be treated as a customer, you will be treated as an inconvenience.

Hi. Thanks for getting in touch. I sent a copy of all recent correspondence yesterday to both your address and DL Exeter with your reference: Case Ref 152712 - Re: Case number [#-9528824-].
The account and complaint is in my wife's name.
I hope you can find it and respond accordingly.
Thank you.
Maximilian Madl
Maximilian Madl62 days ago
My home club for all fitness, spa and tennis needs. Have been a member for a while and have met some fantastic people through the club. Facilities are great and staff is also fantastic.
Astrid de Jaham
Astrid de Jaham62 days ago
“How to get more money out of people”
That’s the club’s mojo.
£130 for a contract membership, plus 150£ the first month in addition of your membership for “admin fees”.
You would think to get a luxury deal, but it’s actually absolutely poor when the indoor tennis courts are ALWAYS taken, all showers have mold and hair (see pictures), and i never walk bare foot as the floor is usually dusty and wet.
People there are nice and provide a good service if you need anything sports related. However, anything admin related, you ll have to send an email to someone via their horrible app and don’t expect to receive any answers before waiting for at least 3 days, if you ever receive any reply back!
Just can’t wait to leave this club. Run away from it!
Isabelle Morgan
Isabelle Morgan2 years ago
We have recently moved to the area and thought to try David Lloyd. It's a very expensive membership and eye watering joining fee. For the money I would expect state of the art gym equipment...unfortunately this gym falls well short of gold standard. As an example the rowing machines are Concept2, I have one of these old things in my garage and wouldn't expect to see one in a gym that charges so much for a membership. Yes the club has nice staff, the cardio equipment is functional and the kids activities are a bonus but definitely not worth the price they charge.
Darren Gore
Darren Gore2 years ago
Absolutely cracking place to be! The people are brilliant and the staff are always so nice to everyone! I saw the cleanliness was down around November time but definitely picked up recently. Both male cleaners are a pleasure to talk to and very thorough!
Lisa martin
Lisa martin2 years ago
Joined David Lloyd in Surrey a while back so know the brand and what you pay for, but have been to this one in Exeter but couldn’t believe how grubby and stained the chairs are in the dining area and some don’t even have the material on, and have rips, feels very student like. Very limited facilities and just feels so grubby and tired. For the price I would expect things to be at least clean. Paid half the price in London for a standard gym and it was clean and kept fresh. For what you pay it’s a total rip off and feels so dirty everywhere. At least steam clean your chairs or even better, buy new ones, it’s just gross.
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