PureGym Exeter Fore Street

177-181 Fore St, Exeter EX4 3AX, United Kingdom

PureGym Exeter Fore Street
180 reviews
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PFC8+XJ Exeter, United Kingdom
+44 345 481 1708
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Anton Ling
Anton Ling311 days ago
The equipment itself is satisfactory and I don’t usually struggle to get machines/weights. However, the state of the male changing rooms are horrible. Loos I would compare to a festival and haven’t been cleaned in what looks like weeks. So unhygienic!! Broken glass on the floor the other day just went unnoticed. There’s no natural lighting so it feels like a prison cell, not great for an effective workout!
Richie Dawson
Richie Dawson1 year ago
Seems to be a few bad reviews but it's a 24 hour budget gym what more can you want? Could be a bit untidy at times but was fine for me while I was visiting for work. Vending machines useful for pre and protein shakes and staff were keeping it tidy.
Kim Blakey
Kim Blakey1 year ago
Good gym, well equipped weights and cardio equipment. Always clean and tidy
Manu ag
Manu ag1 year ago
They don't have a power rack with safeties. This means I can't bench without a spotter. If I were to, the bar could get stuck on me and kill me. Poor to not have basic safety equipment available.

Other than that, good size and 24 hours open is convenient.
Will Mason
Will Mason1 year ago
Showers have NOT BEEN WORKING PROPERLY for several WEEKS. (Reported and nothing done about it) I can't even use the gym before work (unless I want to go to work covered in sweat). I want my money back!

Dan Lightowler
Dan Lightowler1 year ago
This gym is okay, but it is seemingly always full and there is only 1 deadlift platform! I would not suggest going here overall.

I am editing this review on 2022/11/19:

The gym is now much better. They've moved stuff around and added in 3 power racks that are accessible from both sides. This means 3 places to deadlift heavy, and 6 more places to squat.

The only downside is that the power racks don't have safeties which is a real pain. The power racks are much nicer to unrack from than the racks that do have safeties, so it's a bit of a waste.

The staff are nice and reciprocal when I've spoken to them, and the general atmosphere is good.
Dead_pluto1 year ago
Can't complain too much for the price. My only issues are there's no 4G/WiFi and it can get very smelly from the sweat so it probably needs better ventilation.
Melanin CC
Melanin CC2 years ago
My first experience at the puregym Exeter fore street wasn’t pleasant, in less than an hour that I was there some girl stole my jacket (which wasn't cheap and besides it's unacceptable something like this happening especially in a place that has cameras) that was hanging exactly in a place to hang jackets on the women's changing room, I'm responsible for my stuff, but what's the point of having a place to store the jacket if I can't trust leaving my jacket there? Should I workout with my jacket always on my side? I went to ask for help and the girl who was in the management was “nice”, but she could have helped me and checked the camera footage while I was there, but instead she said I need to get in touch with the police (??) in short, no help from management , anyway, very unpleasant situation in the last place I thought something like this could happen, but here's the warning for you. And if you see someone wearing this jacket, it was mine ;)
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