Orangetheory Fitness Derby

Retail Park, Wyvern Way, Derby DE21 6NZ, United Kingdom

Orangetheory Fitness Derby
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WH87+WM Derby, United Kingdom
+44 1332 505234
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Monday: 6–21
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Saturday: 7–12
Sunday: 7–12
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Leanne Hollis
Leanne Hollis231 days ago
I highly recommend Orangetheory to anyone who's either looking to improve their fitness or already enjoys working out.
Their classes are so enjoyable and you get all of the guidance and motivation that you would get from a PT session in a friendly group setting.
The staff are all fantastic; they really know their stuff and they go out of their way to make everyone feel welcome and valued.
In my experience, other gyms don't provide any classes that come anywhere close to what Orangetheory do.
Amy Hough
Amy Hough322 days ago
Absolutely love this gym! I have always struggled with going to a gym over the years on my because my confidence is the best, but this gym and the guys that work there make it easy to feel comfortable and at ease, although that does not mean the work out are easy 😂 I only planned on going for 2 months before my holiday but i am still going! #otd
Ella Davis-Whalley
Ella Davis-Whalley353 days ago
I have been going to OTF Derby for almost a year now and have loved every single class, even if I arrive feeling tired I always leave feeling full of energy (and usually very sweaty!!). I love the fact that every class is different and the benchmarks are an amazing opportunity to push yourself. The coaches are all amazing and encourage you to keep pushing yourself that little bit harder!
Lauren Hitchcock
Lauren Hitchcock353 days ago
Love this gym! The PT’s are so welcoming and motivating. Even on those days you don’t want to go, you are so happy you did when when you leave ! Glad I joined this gym. My overall fitness has improved massively
Natasha Barber
Natasha Barber353 days ago
I fell out of love with exercise for a bit, gained some weight and got it a rut. A friend had been asking me to go with her to OT for a while but I was intimated, I thought you had to be super fit to join, and everyone was athletic. I was intimated by running as I just don't enjoy it... fast forward a year, I joined in Feb on a trial week and enjoyed it so much I signed up, literally had it in my head it would only be for a short while. TOOOO LAAATE I'm hooked, I LOVE IT. You're made to feel like family, the team are incredible and the members are fabulous. I am fitter, stronger and faster than I've been in years. If you're thinking of joining, just do it, I promise you won't regret it.
Smith Partnership
Smith Partnership353 days ago
I’ve been going here for over a year and it’s brilliant! I have lost all of my baby weight and I am fitter than I have ever been. I couldn’t run for more than 30-45 seconds now I can run a 10k!!! Amazing staff and such great support!
Marvin burton
Marvin burton1 year ago
Recently attended on a guest pass and really enjoyed the experience. I was called prior to the workout, sent a video link introducing the concept and covering everything I needed to know.
On arrival the team was welcoming and gave me a demonstration of everything I needed to know. I didnt feel out of place or intimidated in any way.
The workout was easy to follow and allowed me to work at an individual level. Every exercise had easier and harder variations.
After, I was spoken to by multiple members of staff, felt great and sent a review of my efforts which was useful and informative.
Parking is easy as the location is on a retail park. Also free.
lockers only need a code so no need to take £1 or a padlock.

I would recommend this if you like group exercise or need motivation. I felt apart of a team and not like I was in competition with others.

No need to join with a friend. Once the workout starts its you vs you. You will make friends there but taking your friends is also good fun for a little competition

workouts change daily so plenty to do and keep you engaged
Magdy Atia
Magdy Atia2 years ago
I went to orange theory for a trial class, the staff were nice and friendly. Listened to what I want to achieve, smile never left their faces. Gym facilities are great, changing rooms are tidy and clean, design are modern. The class I attended was intense, there was a coach during the class to guide through the workout and give advise if your form needs adjusting when performing. Equipments are up to the high standards and you get a heart monitor to track your heart rate, heart rate zones and calories burnt.
Overall, decent professional staff, high standard place and equipment, my customer experience is great and I do recommend orange theory to my friends, connections and family whom are looking to improve their fitness..
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