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Maidenhead Aquatics Derby

Burton Rd, Findern, Derby DE65 6BE, United Kingdom

Maidenhead Aquatics Derby
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VFM4+46 Derby, United Kingdom
+44 1332 521521
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Ellie Bucklow
Ellie Bucklow291 days ago
I have visited here many times. I made a round trip of 44 miles to especially buy a Small Fantail Goldfish and new filters for my other tank. I was asked buy the assistant Thomas what size tank for the Fantail which I told him is a 45 litre, he then flatly refused to sell me the fish arguing the fact that the tank was too small. Oh well, won’t be going there again
Joan champion
Joan champion321 days ago
Visited this store when I began researching to start a reef tank and have returned many, many times and will continue to do so. The staff have always been super helpful and not trying to upsell for the sake of it. They are honest and realistic with high expectations, basically they won’t bullsh*t you. They won’t sell you a fish they know you cannot look after at all and most are really knowledgeable. If they don’t know an answer they find another member of staff that does. Brought my tank and the majority of my live stock from them and have never had an issue. Prices vary but I’d say they are reasonable for most things but like anything, do your research it’s worth spending that bit extra sometimes.
Nib Taylor
Nib Taylor352 days ago
Always a good choice of fish here but so damn expensive compared to elsewhere!
Labels above tanks but no corresponding fish in tank below so looks like they are out of stock then you notice them in the tank next to it & the tank next to that, yet labels above those tanks are for other fish!?
Loads of dead fish, being eaten by others or stuck on filter intakes. Yet theres 3 members of staff all behind the counter chatting! Do get up to serve customers when asked but seriously, 1 of them just needs to have a wander around every so often & look in the tanks as though they were the customer.
Sorry but doubt I'll be returning again in a hurry
Simon Bowen
Simon Bowen1 year ago
Rang up with an emergency needing a part for an external filter which we needed urgently (water change had just been done and the filter wouldn't work without this part( and was told they had some in stock but they closed in 30mins and we weren't sure we would make it. We risked the journey and got there just after closing time but they had waited for us and both the lady at the garden centre let us in through the locked doors and the nice lady at the aquatics had waited before closing the till down so we could get our filter working again. Thank you very much for all the help! we don't live local at all but we will definitely be coming here for a proper visit.
Cape Aquatics
Cape Aquatics1 year ago
Staff friendly and happy to help. The 2 stars are for the prices! Easily twice as expensive as other places I have been
Emma2 years ago
Very helpful staff. 9/10 times I go in it is Kieran that serves us. Very well stocked. Staff are very helpful and know what they are talking about. I started off with a BiOrb for my 2 goldfish which I got from maidenhead aquatics. (The fish). After about a month I upgraded to a 3 foot 128 litre tank which I bought from them, cabinet included. Decided I also wanted a tropical tank so I bought a Fluval Flex 57 litre from them as well which I have 2 pygmy puffers and some neon tetras in. I also have live plants in both the tanks mostly bought from Maidenhead. The plants are very good quality.
Simon Deacon
Simon Deacon2 years ago
Great place to go if you are looking to sort your pond out or even get started. Work a visit if you have a pond or like I said start one up. This time of year is important to still maintain your pond, sleeving sitting cold weather.
Richard Adams
Richard Adams2 years ago
Miss the old staff, Don, Grace, Dan, Will. New staff seems to be ... Meh.
Fish all seems ok and healthy, I'd still come back just to browse but wouldn't buy anything unless staff knows how to approach the customers and make them feel more welcome especially when the shop has almost zero customers at the time visiting there.
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