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Alex rainnie
Alex rainnie
I have found Autosparcs to be an excellent supplier of materials for my Motorcycle Electrics business. Prompt service means no long delays in getting my parts onto bikes and out the door.
Robert Nodder
Robert Nodder
Great service and great prices. I ordered over 100 different lengths of wire in various colours and sizes for my rewiring projects, and they were picked and dispatched within 24 hours. I made a mistake with my order, but a quick phone call later and it was all sorted. They are very friendly and helpful and I will be using them again for future orders
Philip Powell
Philip Powell
Needed a tracker fitted ASAP. They had no space for a good few weeks but bent over backwards to accommodate me. Good to deal with, nice and efficient and exactly what you expect. Not the cheapest around but if you buy cheap, you buy twice
James Harris
James Harris170 days ago
Triumph Gt6 Mk3 RHD harness with Fan, Overdrive harness, rear harness, the whole show, plus H4 headlight leads.
After complaining 3 years (during my Spitfire 1500 rebuild) ago about the classic Triumph glass fuse board having connectors that would not hold the fuses. Quality of the fuse unit is unusable and I am amazed they have not dealt with this. I am now faced to find an alternative and replace. This will clearly invalidate my warranty as I need to cut of the fuse board. Astonishing!!, and to rub salt into the wound, the headlight H4 tails have been poorly crimped on the earth terminal, the earth connector fell out the H4 connector block!!
Mariano Garcia
Mariano Garcia262 days ago
Very disappointing customer service and technical department. After waiting around two months for a wiring harness we ordered for a customer vehicle we found out that some of the wires don't match the color code of the user manual. More than two weeks ago we reached out to customer service regarding this issue. After numerous emails back and for with them, their answers were always the same: we are still waiting to hear back from the technical department. Finally we heard back from them just to mention that we needed extra wiring harnesses to complete the job. They took the time on the email to answer every question mentioning that we needed an extra wiring harness for that specific task but they forgot to include the most important information: the Part Number. Another email to see if they could please provide the P/N's for the extra wiring harnesses needed. More than 4 days later, still not answer. Very frustrating situation to deal with. I don't know if they are having stuff issues but someone needs to look into this. As a business owner the lack of interest and urgency is mindblowing.
Ben Hargreaves
Ben Hargreaves323 days ago
Fantastic service, very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Helped with the correct wiring for my series 2a. Excellent thank you.
Matt Debbage
Matt Debbage2 years ago
Used previously for other projects and always been perfect. This time they supplied a new loom for a 1935 Austin Ten. 24 hour delivery, off the shelf. Perfect fit and excellent quality. Thankyou!
Louis soon
Louis soon2 years ago
Specifically ordered and paid for a RHD harness for my BMW 2002. An item listed directly on their site. Waited months for the item to arrive into Singapore and turns out they sent a shorter LHD harness instead. No one is willing to take the responsibility nor offer a replacement or even a partial refund. Instead wanting me to ship my entire old harness over to the UK along with the wrong item, all at my expense, claiming they might not have the details for the RHD harness (why have it listed on the website for ordering then?). If my original harness was in total working order, there'd be no reason for me to order a fresh new one from you guys in the first place.

Now I have a unusable LHD harness I need to spend more money and time to have hacked up to fit into my RHD car.

Unless you line in the UK, DON'T BOTHER. I will not recommend anyone overseas to buy from them since any errors on their part will be at your own risk and they will not be willing to help you out. Buyer beware.
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