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234 High St, Exeter EX4 3NL, United Kingdom

Lloyds Bank
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PFFC+R3 Exeter, United Kingdom
+44 345 602 1997
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Jack Dryden
Jack Dryden
Popped in to ask for some money bags for sorting fundraising proceeds. The member of staff who served me was very helpful and gave me a good handful of bags for free. Did have to wait in the queue for 5 minutes before I was served.
Most of the banks these days are all about doing everything online. If you do want to talk to a human, best make conversation with your fellow customers in the queue for the self-service machine. And don't worry about running out of time for a chat, you'll have all the time in the world as the machines beep madly as they error and transfer all your money to an account in Portugal.
Ibi Baricz
Ibi Baricz
I met today with Lisa yesterday with Stephen boy are so excellent and very supportive ones
Thank you for the good service :)
Darren voysey
Darren voysey
well you have to learn somehow...when the cashier call came, i treaded the water very carefully,...obviously, i was worried...so i asked for a receipt for a cash deposit into my current account (bit worried when she (the supervisor) said "now you put the notes through again..."(really wouldn't have thought the nerves on the guy)."and can i have a receipt please...)..so then, i paid my credit card..."so what you do is...."...(same customer)...top team, the new recruit and the supervisor - just wish i wasn't the guinea pig lol!
As someone who has worked through the pandemic, I have found that the bank not being open on the weekend quite frustrating, especially now. However if the deposit machine outside would not keep breaking down or running out of envelopes it would not matter so much.
Rita Sculpher
Rita Sculpher62 days ago
I have never known such friendly helpful staff and didn't wait long on many occasions especially after a bereavement
Very impressed will eventually move my accounts to Lloyds
Monica W
Monica W2 years ago
Went to open an account and was told they only did it online or by appointment, the earliest of which is more than a week off, which is fine. The employee, a short white lady with black hair, explaining this assumed I (I'm Asian-American and nearly 40) was an international student, and then said I had to get a form from uni that "shows wherever you're from, so China. (Long pause from both of us) ...Or Korea?", which is NOT fine.

It's 2021. Your staff should know not all Asian customers are Chinese.
Viryandi Komio Anggani
Viryandi Komio Anggani2 years ago
Went there to open an account, the staff were all very helpful and friendly. Opened an account with no problems at all.
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