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Tenpin Exeter

Exe Bridges Retail Park, 3 - 4 Havenbanks, Water Ln, Exeter EX2 8BY, United Kingdom

Tenpin Exeter
Bowling alley
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PF89+CH Exeter, United Kingdom
+44 871 222 3675
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Good bowling alley with good social distancing measures in place. You can order food and drinks to the alley from your table.
Large car park here.
I wouldn't visit this one again, just because the atmosphere wasn't as fun as it is at other bowling chains. It was good to pass a bit of time, but with 2 people and 2 games, it was done in 30 minutes.
Staff were very friendly and helpful.
High standard of cleaning.
Kristian Pankhurst
Kristian Pankhurst1 year ago
Have just got back from having my daughter's birthday party. ( 9 kids in the party) The team down Tenpin were fantastic. The two members of staff that were assigned to our party were incredible with the kids. They made balloon animals solidly for 2 hour's.
Food was delivered on the time they said it would. Food is basic but did exactly what it needed to do and kept small people happy. There was squash already waiting in the lanes for us.
Manager greeted us and was able to deal with all our questions and requests.

Lovely atmosphere.
Would be happy to use again for future parties.
Dan Ef
Dan Ef1 year ago
Disgusting place which I will never return, went there with the family, bought a parking ticket at the time and 2 months later I get a fine through for £160 from a scam company called CST law. Obviously I didn’t keep the parking ticket I bought at the time so I don’t have a leg to stand on. Iv spoke to other friends and people who live local to the area and apparently they are running a scam, It’s honestly heart breaking when your struggling to keep up with the cost of living and you have these companies scamming people and we have no one to help or when you try to turn to places for advice they say you are better off to pay it. I wish there was something I could do to stop these corrupt companies ripping the little guy off.
Abimbola Adeleye
Abimbola Adeleye1 year ago
Great experience. Been there twice now as the first experience was awesome, had to go again. Just a bit pricey though and they didn't allow student discount as they said it wasn't term time
Paolo1 year ago
Was in my car here for 10 minutes (literally) to drop off and pick up my daughter and my partner done my little sons bum change in the car, was hit with a £50 parking fine!! What an absolute joke. Checking the reviews of the parking company (smart parking) it seems the parking that they run here and other places is designed to catch people out. What parking which ISNT a secure entry (ticketed) charges you for parking for being there for literally 10 minutes. Because of this I’ll never be attending this bowling place again and would recommend against it. Shouldn’t partner with a parking company that has such deceiving tactics.
Beth Polak
Beth Polak1 year ago
AVOID! Not only is this an ageing, poorly managed bowling centre but we have just received a fine in the post for parking charges for the carpark.. I booked for the 7 of us to have a bowling session at Tenpin. On arrival, without prior notification, we were directed to two lanes instead of one. This was clearly a cost saving exercise on behalf of the centre and we had to split into a group of 3 and group of 4.. why you would want to play this way I have no idea. Barriers are automatically up on all lanes and it was hard to find assistance to correct this. It was noisy, lacking atmosphere, not very clean and dingy. Bowling is a favourite pastime for us and we have been to so many great centres, it was a shock to see the popularity of this one and it’s clearly based solely on it being the only centre in the vicinity. Really disappointing.
HarvZGames1 year ago
I got into a fight outside, 7 people ganged up on me and I found a random bike picked it up and started hitting them with it, then when they fell on the floor I just jumped straight on their face knocking them out. I tiger dropped one of them and knocked them into a car damaging it . I now have several lawsuits coming my way but hoping I can get away with self defence. Aside from that was very fun, the bald manager had a go at an employee for trying his hardest in a busy time. I felt bad for the employee and bought them a drink after their shift. Also got a free drink for insulting a pensioner and staff thought it was funny.
Jose Ramadi Chavez
Jose Ramadi Chavez2 years ago
Shame that it is the only bowling centre in Exeter! Parking is a RIP OFF! Smart parking is a total pickpocket! Went to drop off my son to attend a friend's birthday party then I got a £90 parking ticket? Just a drop off?? Most parking sites allow to 10 to 15 minutes grace period. WARNING to those who are going to this place pay once you enter the site no matter how many seconds you stay, as soon as you enter you are already being charged! Don't bother telling me to contact smart parking as I already did appeal my case, as usual as most of the comments in this review, they will not let you get away. This has been an issue for more than 3 years based on what I have read on reviews on various websites and yet it seems the management of tenpin exeter does not care to do anything about it.
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