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J393+3H Swansea, UK
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A lovely spacious bus stop with lots of seats available during wait time for the buses. It’s neat and clean. This bus stop has the look of an airport😊 There are quite a few coffee shops (Greggs, Costa Coffee) and more. Through it, is the connected Mall for further shopping, food and entertainment.
James Carmichael
James Carmichael
Not very disabled friendly. Buses often park in the wrong bays and since I can't see the bus numbers I couldn't tell you how many times I've jumped on the wrong one over the years. Staff aren't particularly helpful in this regard and they're quite dismissive even after you explain your issues. The sun is blinding as the whole place is facing towards it with no shaded windows whatsoever. I know some elderly people have that particular issue also. On the plus side it is a nice building with easy access.
Jerry Cornelius
Jerry Cornelius256 days ago
Appalling service; buses do not turn up, or if they do, turn up at a completely different bay from what is advertised. Shockingly rude drivers, and the woman who works on the information desk is aggressive and unhelpful. How are First allowed to run such an incompetent service? They should be placed in ‘special measures’ until a company that can actually run a bus service takes-over…
King kenzie
King kenzie1 year ago
Yet again 20.05, 31-Trallwn bus did not turn 3rd time in about 3-4 weeks at least, not told by anyone why, had to wait in station for 21.20 felt sorry for woman with a baby sitting there she had to go to Tesco to get drink for baby, no wonder drivers get abuse which we should not do - other routes the same - get you act together we have had enough being told use public transport the People running it get off your fat backsides
Brian Lawes
Brian Lawes1 year ago
Why is there nowhere to complain about service other than a review? Management afraid? Today 9th November the service of 12/13 from the Quadrant left an awful lot to desired. A 45+ minutes wait for a bus, which was not a happy experience for many people watching 3 number 11's leave during this period. Its not the first time this has happened but I certainly hope its the last. So come om SWT get your act together and sort out your timetable.
Marilyn Chellew
Marilyn Chellew2 years ago
Overall very good service,even though our planned bus had no driver so we had to wait an hour for the next one. When I asked the not so helpful girl on the information desk if the next bus was definitely having a driver, her reply was ' it hasn't been cancelled yet but if you would like to drive it yourself your welcome'
That told me. 🤣 I don't think she's a people person... at the other end of the scale the lovely driver of the 2c bus home from caswell was lovely, he even waited for my 5 Yr old granddaughter to use the loo. Thank you.
Pat Magill
Pat Magill2 years ago
Caught a bus from bus station to the Bay hospital.
I got off at the vaccination center. The blood test center is a very long way from bus terminal.
I started to walk and the bus driver asked me where i was going.
When I told him he said it's too far to walk, I had a walker it would have
Taken me so long. He said get back on the bus I will drop you off on the way back. There is a bus stop outside the blood test center but there is no bus stop sign. He was so kind. I would like to thank him.all I know is he had on a Xmas jumper.
Ruairi Evans
Ruairi Evans2 years ago
Buses are either very late or don't turn up at all. The bus station does not even tell you if the bus is going from a different bay or if there are delays or cancellations.
Totally despicable and unacceptable.
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