Harbour Chiropractic & Physiotherapy, Topsham

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Harbour Chiropractic & Physiotherapy, Topsham
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Martin Potts
Martin Potts
Generating a calm and friendly atmosphere, Harbour offer a very thorough and knowledgeable service.

I attended my first appointment after developing persistent back and neck pain. Iain was fantastic at diagnosing the causes - even able to see how I have my desk at work setup simply from my posture. After the first treatment I was able to move more comfortably and with much greater comfort.
Sue K
Sue K
I first used Iain over a year ago and following a course of treatment from him at that time, it was over 12 months before I needed to re-visit again. This time I was due to ski in 2 weeks and saw no hope of walking without pain, let alone throwing myself down a mountain. Iain was confident that my back would improve enough in the 2 weeks that followed and true to his word, I did manage the trip and skied pretty much pain free.

Having used several practitioners over the years, no one has been as affective for alleviating my back pain as Iain.

I couldn't recommend Harbour Chiropractic enough!!
Sally Walters
Sally Walters
I can't recommend Harbour Chiropractic highly enough. I started seeing Iain for help with an historic shoulder mobility issue, pain and migraines. Within weeks of seeing Iain for treatment the migraines had disappeared. Although we are still working on the mobility issues, now with the help of Adam, it's improving and there really is light at the end of the tunnel! The whole team are welcoming and friendly. Harbour are also happy to work with others, including my PT and my GP to deliver an all round service. I am so grateful to having been recommended Harbour Chiropractic!
Jonathon Montgomery
Jonathon Montgomery
Iain is very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I went to Iain with migraines which were linked to poor alignment in my neck, he did a thorough consultation and some adjustments. Initially I was seeing him every week, then as the issue eased off it went to every other week, every month etc. Currently having appointments every 3 months and my migraines have definitely been reduced in frequency and severity. Very good communication from his practice in terms of appointments and extra information (tailored rehab exercises to do at home etc) and always willing where possible to do last minute changes due to unforeseen circumstances. Parking can be an issue in topsham at times, but that's outside Iain's control. Reasonably priced, and offers armed forces discount too. I would recommend to anyone.
Justin Powlesland
Justin Powlesland209 days ago
I went to see Iain after years of struggling with my back. He was absolutely brilliant and I haven't felt this good in a long time. Thank you for your help. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED *****
Aaron Crump
Aaron Crump209 days ago
Been to Iain for over a month now and he’s sorted the issue in my shoulder within that time. He didn’t try to keep me coming back when I didn’t need to and he advised that i re visit in a month to see how it’s going. All in all a great service.
Dan Hawkins
Dan Hawkins301 days ago
Been having Ian and Hannah look after my back for several years now and it has worked wonders! I changed from another chiropractor who I didn’t feel was working for me. And I now couldn’t be happier! Thank you
Jan p
Jan p2 years ago
Was very reluctant to use a chiropractor but Iain has been fantastic, only wish I'd gone earlier. Very calming and reassuring, patient and understanding, with excellent results! Also received an exercise plan to hopefully enable me to prevent/manage the problems myself moving forward, which is exactly what I'd hoped for. Highly recommend the practice.
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