Holy Trinity Church, Mapperley

28 Church Ln, Mapperley, Ilkeston DE7 6BS, United Kingdom

Holy Trinity Church, Mapperley
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XJJW+PG Ilkeston, United Kingdom
+44 115 932 4695
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Wendy Burrows
Wendy Burrows
Quite tight to park.
Gill Turner-Callis
Gill Turner-Callis
A really modern looking building (built in the 50s after the old one was damaged due to the mining around it), it's now warmed by underfloor heating, has great views across the valley from the window 'wall' and has an excellent sound and projection system. Perfect for hiring for small business meetings/conferences and intimate concerts.
Danny Aldrich
Danny Aldrich
Diane Bolsher
Diane Bolsher325 days ago
Oisin Kisdon-Ireland
Oisin Kisdon-Ireland1 year ago
Àlan Fitch
Àlan Fitch2 years ago
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