Sovereign Grace Reformed Church

81 King St, Tiverton EX16 5JJ, United Kingdom

Sovereign Grace Reformed Church
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WG24+W4 Tiverton, United Kingdom
+44 1884 861209
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Terry O'Neill
Terry O'Neill258 days ago
This church is a star shining in the darkness. It is rare enough to find a church that preaches the Gospel but to find a church which actually does what Jesus Christ commanded (John 14:15) is a very rare thing indeed. "Everyone therefore who hears these words of mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man, who built his house on a rock." Matt 7:24 . I have been a Christian for 20 years, been a youth leader and served on a Church Council etc. but the faith and obedience of Sovereign Grace Church. is totally new to me. I have increased in the knowledge of God's will more in a month here than in many years elsewhere.
Anthony George
Anthony George258 days ago
After spending 6 years, walking with the Lord, having been exposed to the reformed faith since my conversion, It was a very lonely walk for the first 4 and a half of years of my Christian life.

I spent most of that time under teaching from the Internet, and by the Lords Grace I was able to grow very much in the knowledge of most basic doctrine. But unfortunately I was never really pastored or discipled so it mostly just became head knowledge after a while and the practice began to grow cold.

But since I started to attend Sovereign Grace Reformed Church the Lord has used the fellowship there to help me to grow so much more in my sanctification in so many wonderful ways, and the Lord continues to bless us mightily in His work.

So if you are looking for a dedicated fellowship of uncompromising believers who truly love the Lord and Fear His Name. Please come and see for yourself what He will do in your heart.

Derek Hunt
Derek Hunt2 years ago
Sovereign Grace Reformed Church is currently a small Christion fellowship group that offers a truly sincere bible believing doctrine, standing on the Lords Word, ideal for truth seekers & believers who wish to avoid - the many churches that have compromised on The Word of God. We using the authorised King James version (KJV).
Ros brennan
Ros brennan2 years ago
I visited Sovereign Grace church in Tiverton while on holiday and had a warm reception. It was a great blessing to hear the gospel preached and I came away knowing my soul had been fed by the word of God.
I would definitely recommend this small gathering of Gods people to all in the area and also those who visit from other places.
Ros Brennan
Donald Koilpillai
Donald Koilpillai2 years ago
I have listened to Pastor Pallister online, and he is Biblically based. From his tone of speech and the topics he used he seems to be a very caring shepherd of the flock. I have never visited the church. If God wills one day, would like to visit. May the Lord continue to bless the pastor and his congregation to reach as many as according to the good Lord wills to bring into His Kingdom in Devon. Blessings, Don (Wa. USA)
Teresa Mitchell
Teresa Mitchell2 years ago
If your looking for bands and modern entertainment worship music, thankfully you will not find it here. Instead you will find true food for the soul from the Word of God.
For anyone seeking direction in their lives this is the place to come to.
It was nice to have a chat over a cup of tea and cake after the service!
Darran Lane
Darran Lane2 years ago
Honest Bible believers Church.
King James version policy, which is a sure version to follow.
If you looking for a sound Church, this is the Church you can not go wrong, also do not forget to support the pastor too.
Emily P
Emily P2 years ago
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