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unit msu01 9 eastgate, Exeter EX1 1GB, United Kingdom

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PFFF+X4 Exeter, United Kingdom
+44 800 368 4990
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Donna price
Donna price
Rude staff. Very abrupt young kids serving in there. Disgusting how one member of staff spoke to a person queuing infront of me. Not very clean place. Paint chipped around skirting boards and on doors. Just don’t feel your welcome in there and not very inviting. Not a positive shop. Over priced items. Don’t feel the quality of the clothing is good quality. Better quality from primark and more stylish from primark too. But each to their own I guess
Marketa balaszova
Marketa balaszovayesterday
I really love Zara’s clothing, but Zara in Exeter is absolutely awful. The staff are so rude. I was returning one item in small bag and swapping for more stuff and she didn’t even ask me if I want bigger bag. Expecting me to put 7 items in a tiny bag and when I asked if I can have bigger bag she replied super rude with ‘can’t you put your clothes in your small bag?’ How disgusting to talk customers like this.
Eloise32 days ago
Awful customer service and ridiculous company policies.

I found a pair of trousers which would be suitable for work but they were missing a necessary button and they were the only pair in my size in the store. I live a 2 hour drive away from a zara store and I didn't want to pay £4 for home delivery. I asked for a discount of 10% to reflect the item was faulty and I would need to repair it. I was shocked and appalled when the store manager informed me that it is company policy to sell faulty items at full price. She likened a discount for faults to student discount. Due to this, I asked her order me one from online and deliver it to my home free of charge. Her response was that Zara don't contribute to customer travel expenses. I honestly don't understand how this company is still operating.

I used to work in retail and at a head office training day we were asked to think of a company with poor customer service. Almost everyone said zara came to mind first. The general consensus for good customer service was to do the opposite of zara. Zara customer service is a laughing stock.
Clare Prideaux
Clare Prideaux32 days ago
Clothes all over the floor, clothes without price labels, clothes piled high in a jumble. One cash till being operated. 20 in the queue. Not a good experience. Disappointed.
Nicki Wood
Nicki Wood62 days ago
Always very long queue to pay. Not alot of clothes for larger sizes. Very popular with young women. Some pieces are a good price
Grace Hinton
Grace Hinton2 years ago
The only good thing about Zara is the clothes and the amazing prices this time of year. The attitude from the staff is appalling. I went into the fitting room today and the way this woman was spoken to was disgusting. The atmosphere is really hostile in there and I don’t understand why the staff are so unfriendly or why they think it’s acceptable to be so rude towards people. I really felt sorry for the lady infront of me and it made me think, if you can’t be nice at Christmas time then when can you!
Jawad Jamshidi
Jawad Jamshidi2 years ago
I love Zara, specially the new year's offers and discounts, Quality? Moah ❤️❤️❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Dean Fletcher
Dean Fletcher2 years ago
Extremely rude staff. Was absolutely gobsmacked by the attitude of the staff. Extremely poor customer service
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