Derby College - Broomfield Hall Campus

Morley, Ilkeston DE7 6DN, United Kingdom

Derby College - Broomfield Hall Campus
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The Wacko Green Alien 1212
The Wacko Green Alien 1212
As a student, the only problems I find are that some buildings are far too warm and the others not as warm, but jot cold.
The other is a large number of the locker doors in the locker room are broken which is highly inconvenient on some occasions.
Alex Shields
Alex Shields
I like the agriculture but there is to many people there Alex shields how came to visit on 30.3.2022.
Jane Sheppard
Jane Sheppard
Following a drink and delicious cake, a guided tour of many of the well maintained and varied gardens was very much enjoyed. The history of Broomfield was shared with the group and future plans for the students and volunteers talked of. A warm and sunny evening helped to make these beautifully, peaceful surroundings the perfect place to spend a couple of hours.
Breadder zz
Breadder zz
Avoid at all costs, I was constantly judged by tutors for time off and targetted when it came to my (diagnosed) mental health issues.

They were not taken seriously, any support plans you set up regarding mental issues will be ignored, and updates. One of my tutors wasn't even aware I had lost two very close family members in the span of a year and apologised.

If you're re-taking a GCSE, The GCSE tutors are really nice and accomodating but as for the other courses, it's either do or don't and theres no wiggle room despite personal circumstances.

One of the careers advisors also mistakenly told me I was on a different course than I actually was, which means my UCAS application and results were messed up. I had to dig to the bottom of this and send countless emails until I found out the issue, the fault was by college however a lot of blame was put on me, and I spent my results day panicking, emailing tutors, careers advisors, exam boards and contacting my university choices to sort out this issue. (I'd like to add that the lady who made this mistake apologised since, and did everything in her power to help me fix it.) This college is another case of 1 good tutor/teacher in a whole college of tutors.

The outside rooms have very very poor internet connection and the college provided laptops are very slow so often the services on them are down and unusable, I had a few friends who were always stressed about college laptops as it would take the laptop 30 whole minutes of class time to load up, despite the laptop obviously being slow some tutors would snap at students for not being 'prepared'.

Throughout the year I had a lot of substitute teachers because of teachers quitting, especially support assistants. If you have any type of disability or mental health issue do not think you'll be supported, most support teachers quit, and the ones we did have left were prioritised for the severely disabled (as they should be.) However the college is failing to employ enough support teachers to offer in classroom support as promised in support plans that are supposedly accomodating for everyone of all backgrounds/needs.

You will be promised support in class or other things that are detailed within your support plan, which the college can simply just not fulfill because of teachers, and support assistants quitting.

There has also been numerous underage nudes leaked, and staff have not done anything about it, there was also a sexual assault allegation and instead of the student who comitted it being questioned and sorted, the victim felt pushed out and left college somewhere that's supposed to be an inclusive and safe space for all.

If you have a car, or bus routes to another BTEC college I strongly urge you to spend the extra time and money if possible to commute.
Nikolas Mihailovic
Nikolas Mihailovicyesterday
Lovely place lovely staff and clean tidy excellent
Racheal brear
Racheal brear32 days ago
Never been but where is the phone number?, so I can get information. Sorry I had to give 1 rating I do think it's poor I am on the website and can't see it anyway.
Anita James
Anita James2 years ago
I've been attending the City and Guilds courses in the evening for the past 2 years. I've loved them! Excellent teaching in a wonderful setting. Highly recommended.
Greta Davies
Greta Davies2 years ago
Just started volunteering in the gardens and absolutely love it. Everyone is really friendly and welcoming. An amazing place and gardens.
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