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R M C Stores

4 Pinhoe Rd, Exeter EX4 7HL, United Kingdom

R M C Stores
Convenience store
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PFJP+5P Exeter, United Kingdom
+44 1392 662685
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Geoff Davids
Geoff Davids
[see reply below] Lovely store, friendly staff but DO NOT BUY the Chicken and Mushroom pasty (I don't know about the other bakery items, and I don't intend to try them).

The C&M pasty I had was by far the worst I've ever tasted, with a really disturbingly odd tang to it. It tasted like it had mince pies mixed in - I wasn't actually able to finish the whole thing. AVOID AT ALL COSTS 😊

[Edit in response: I will come into the store and discuss, and consider changing my review. Until trying the pasty I would have rated 5 star anyway]
I will just leave 5* here for updated open hours during Christmas break, not many shops do it. Good job.
Stephen Hoban
Stephen Hoban
Very rude employee in his 50's or 60's. I have been in this shop dozens of times and he is rude and condescending every time I enter. He has worked in this store for quite a while now. I am at my limit and will no longer tolerate his disgusting behaviour. I will no longer shop here as I have never experienced such a rude person who seems to have anger issues towards customers.
Will Mason
Will Mason
The staff were very helpful sorting out an issue I had with a purchase.
Shay Broomhall
Shay Broomhall
Never lacking in the banana milk department when I need it most. Very cheap for a corner shop
Stephen White
Stephen White58 days ago
not a nice store as they seem to let costumers park on the pavement right outside of the shop on the right left hand side and reverse there cars into pedestrians, which is illigal not to mention that its illigal to drive on pavement , and in exeter its illigal to park on the pavement.
Mel B
Mel B2 years ago
I was a regular customer at this store, not anymore.
Very disappointed to say that the lady behind the till was quite rude to me as I asked for some change from £20.
Another staff member then joined in the conversation saying it’s not a bank which made me feel uncomfortable and unwelcome.
Talk to your staff about customer service, very poor
Emma Tyrer
Emma Tyrer2 years ago
Cashier broke my plastic bag then told me to pay for another one, telling me "you have to pay for a bag in this day and age love". Having agreed to pay for another they tell me I could not pay on card for it when I had no cash.
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