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Co-op Food - College Street

65 College St, Long Eaton, Nottingham NG10 4NN, United Kingdom

Co-op Food - College Street
Convenience store
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WP38+PQ Nottingham, United Kingdom
+44 115 973 3718
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Monday: 6–22
Tuesday: 6–22
Wedneasday: 6–22
Thursday: 6–22
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Sunday: 6–22
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Aj Watters
Aj Watters
Very poor regarding opening hours was closed this sunday 15/09/19 @ 22.15 supposed to be open till eleven.

Fresh vegetables are not fresh had to take 2 bags of potatoes back as they had gone rotten and not just once but on 2 separate occasions.

Some staff are helpful, most are just rude if you ask them a question about stock and when paying for products if you ask for a bag they just put bag on top and once finished payment they start serving the next person making you feel like you holding everyone up.
Benon Flemons
Benon Flemons
Service often terrible (some staff are an exception).
Thibgs as silly as saying they can't do £10 cashback as the ATM is out yet the the person in front paid £50 in cash.

Coop own website advertising shop open EVERY DAY until 2300. It certainly isn't on a Sunday so I guess staff have their own defenition of time too.

Pricing, in comparison to One stop and Premiere, 7 till late shop etc is high. Quality is similar just a nicer packet.

MOST of the time at this Coop you will end up having to go to another shop as stock is poor too. If you need coop go to another branch in the first place.
Steve Hough
Steve Hough
The staff always go the extra mile, they're happy, helpful and friendly, they keep the store well stocked, spotless and head and shoulders above the competition. Well done all that work there 👍
Trevor Foster
Trevor Foster
Waited for a couple of minutes for them to open, I was early, and the lady who served me was very helpful. Okay it is a bit more pricey but I think right now that's not the most important issue. I will go again
Penny Coupland
Penny Coupland
Most of the staff (except 2) are plain rude and have no customer skills about them at all. The lady with the fake ponytail has no shame at all in discussing her personal life to each customer which just results in longer queue time. The hours are very hit and miss with no idea with one day to the next if it's still open in the evenings. Convenient location to my house so forced to use the store. However the staff does let it down and need to be helpful
Crainey Crane
Crainey Crane
The shop is fine. But they is just one particular staff who keeps insisting on selling me that Co op card thing to save 50p. Which I politely declined . But now it's every time I go and she serves me she keeps trying to push it even though I've said no over 10 times now. if I was that bothered by 50p. I'd just not come to this shop 😂 anyway it got to the point of me saying no that I had to stop her and say

If I wanted it. Then I'd get it.

She goes. Sorry I didn't mean to nag.
Connor Lytton-Clark
Connor Lytton-Clark98 days ago
My girlfriend was denied the sale of tobacco because they said she didn't have a valid form of ID, my girlfriend is from Pakistan and has a BRP. We thought this was strange because her ID has never been refused before, so after looking it up on the official UK government website, we obviously found it IS a completely valid form of ID because it has her details, dob etc and even the British holographic Emblem that all other forms of valid ID have. So after presenting them with this new information (the assistant manager and the person who refused her) they came to the conclusion that it was still "too much of a risk" for them to sell it to her! Absolutely unbelievable, and to be honest we can't help feeling like this was discrimination. To note, I myself was not asked for ID at all, even though I'm the same age as my girlfriend - they legally should have asked for mine too because I clearly wasn't her guardian or parent. But they didn't. I'm white. Fortunately we haven't experienced anything like this before elsewhere, and hope we don't again. It was very embarrassing and belittling for her.
Mark Prentice
Mark Prentice2 years ago
Friendly, helpful staff with everything you would expect from a local coop.
There is a fruit and vegetable section, fridges with ready meals, sandwiches, salads cooked meats and pies and dairy products and another isle dedicated to tea, coffee, biscuits and chocolate and a drinks isle stocked with a good selection and wine and beer. The spirits are behind the till with the cigarettes. The only downside to the shop is the very narrow isles
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