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Premier Swan Stores

45-47, Swadlincote, DE11 0AN, United Kingdom

Premier Swan Stores
Convenience store
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QCHV+62 Swadlincote, UK
+44 7957 149765
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Luke Harrison
Luke Harrison
Friendly staff. Great variety of products.
Lauren Oakey
Lauren Oakey
So I went in the shop and said hello and being polite I then asked how much something was, (as there was no prices) I couldn’t understand what he said so I repeated nicely. He shouted at me saying “come over here!” He then checked the price really rudely and muttered 59p.

I put everything back and headed towards the exit, as I left, he stated to laugh at me and my friends.

If I could rate this another star, it would be 0.

Definitely wouldn’t recommend this shop!
Rich hawkins
Rich hawkins
new staff. been there 2 times once they short changed and second time the overcharged me 2 pound for bottle of jack daniels they gave me a load of excuses why they are charging me different to what it states the price is i warned them for false advertisement. if you go here count ur change they will short change you.
It’s not bad, when I was there the guy on the till was friendly but a little hard to understand. Overall I got the things I needed with no issue.
Mandy Williams
Mandy Williams291 days ago
Thief behind the counter!!
Just tried to charge £40.00 for a £8.40 spend. My husband pointed this out and was told sorry for the mistake. My husband then paid by cash instead of card. This is the second time this has happened. The first time it was too late and didn't know until checking bank transactions. He was charged £14.00 for a £4.00 spend.
Martyna rom
Martyna rom1 year ago
The worse customer service.
No manners at all, cashier so rude.
Mac Dias
Mac Dias2 years ago
Excellent staff and very good service
Neelesh Modhawadiya
Neelesh Modhawadiya2 years ago
Great help good piple
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