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Co-op Food - Dalton in Furness

Market St, Dalton-in-Furness LA15 8AA, United Kingdom

Co-op Food - Dalton in Furness
Convenience store
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5R48+FR Dalton-in-Furness, United Kingdom
+44 1229 466545
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Andy Clegg
Andy Clegg
Nice store. Well stocked. Fresh fruit and veg are sometimes short dated and occasionally damaged or mouldy. There is some handy hot 'food to go'. One of the staff members is miserable and looks like she hates her job when dealing with the public. Reasonable prices for a medium-sized convenience supermarket. Parking is occasionally busy, causing people to use the disabled bays when not entitled to. Narrow entrance for cars which have to squeeze past each other and it's sometimes tricky to get back onto the busy main street. Annoying countdown of a few seconds on the self-checkouts when getting your receipt means that it's easy to get caught out while filling a bag and lose your opportunity to collect the receipt. A simple yes/no option would be better.
William Junior
William Junior282 days ago
Fantastic shop really makes it convenient for ourselves!
Chris Gledhill
Chris Gledhill343 days ago
Co-op have good produce and usually good helpful staff.
Maybe I called when check out staff were having a bad day.
Ella Mcintosh
Ella Mcintosh2 years ago
The staff are lovely. The only down side it can be a bit full quickly and the Isles are not very wide to get passed people with ease.
Harry W
Harry W2 years ago
Friendly staff, great produce with good prices and its always there when you need it.
Great local shop. :)
Michaela Kerfoot
Michaela Kerfoot2 years ago
Good little supermarket with fresh food, household items, stationery, magazines, pet food, medicines & a little separate tobacconists. Has some good deals on lots of products too so can be cheaper than the big supermarkets with those.
Danny Green
Danny Green2 years ago
It's great having a store like this local. But It always seems understaffed. Has a basic variety of fresh fruit and vegetables + salads section. I always go after midday as shelfs are mostly empty as understaffed workers are still stocking.
Janet Smith
Janet Smith2 years ago
Great place to shop but I hate that you have to select 'print receipt' on self serve till. I always miss it as I'm busy sorting out the stuff I've bought. It should be select if you don't want a receipt!
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