Cambridge County Court

197 East Rd, Petersfield, Cambridge CB1 1BA, United Kingdom

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643J+GW Cambridge, United Kingdom
+44 344 892 4000
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Absolutely awful to get to here. Complete nightmare and not even any sign posts anywhere. Make sure you allow plenty of time to get here as you msy be running around like a headless chicken finding the place. You can ask 100 people for directions and nobody will know where it is. Its like a ghost town building 🤣
Peter russell
Peter russell
Woman on the phone was very very rude np help from her what so ever ringing this number for help as I have a fine and have no idea whqt it's for have no ref number no account number so they say they can't help ? Whqt good is that if I'm a full time career for my wife and child yet they wanna take money that I am ment to owe but have no trace of my name or number ? Disgusting and very unprofessional these people
Buster edwards
Buster edwards
Awarded ccj against former employer in Nov 2018 Tried phoning and e mailing Cambridge county court hundreds of times re ENFORCEMENT of this judgement impossible to get through by landline and no response to my e mails AWFUL PLACE TO DEAL WITH ! I AM THE VICTIM IN THIS CLAIM BUT FEEL IVE BEEN TREATED LIKE THE GUILTY PARTY IN THIS CASE ! THEY ISSUE CCJ IN MY FAVOUR THEN WASH THEIR HANDS OF THE ENTIRE MATTER JUSTICE DOESNT EXIST IN THIS COURT !!!
Dr Montague
Dr Montague
Simply to alter visitation between two amicable parents apparently means involving social services?..so we are expected to tolerate judges that are publicly funded to pay lip service for social workers?. abhorrent people so maybe it's best if these courts are left to deal with parking fines instead of sensitive family matters.i will not be dealing with this place.
Christopher de Saxe
Christopher de Saxe327 days ago
Absolutely impossible to reach via phone or email to make an appointment for a simple signing of an affidavit, and yet they don't accept walk-in appointments. Someone eventually responded to my appointment request two and a half weeks after sending the email, at which point I'd already travelled an hour away to Peterborough to do this who were very helpful and friendly.
Kat Harris
Kat Harris327 days ago
Dragging out a simple non-complex divorce. Impossible to contact anyone! Impossible to get answers! Needs a total cultural overhaul.
Luke Carter
Luke Carter1 year ago
Very long message when calling them, doesn't always queue you so just cuts you off, forcing to call them repeatedly and go through the very long automated system. If you do get to the queue, is usually about 18 people in it and takes a very long time for them to get to you.
Zoya Farheen
Zoya Farheen2 years ago
Impossible to get through. I've been trying to get through for 30 mins now. I've had other colleagues try to get through and could not. We've sent some court files this morning and it was lost by a court staff. I don't know what the staff are doing in there.
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