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Whitemoor Day Centre

100 John O'Gaunts Way, Belper DE56 0DB, United Kingdom

Whitemoor Day Centre
Day care center
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2GGW+5W Belper, United Kingdom
+44 1629 531913
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Monday: 8–16
Tuesday: 8–16
Wedneasday: 8–16
Thursday: 8–16
Friday: 8–16
Saturday: Close
Sunday: Close
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Angela Rachael
Angela Rachael
My foster daughter has been going to Whitemoor Day centre for almost 25 years !!!
Everything from the staff, to the individual care of each service user is first class . My foster daughter now needs special thickened food /drinks . So on days / trips out ( which they do weekly ) I never need worry as if they are not going somewhere familiar they take ready prepared food for her . And also ring me personally if they have any concerns over her so that nothing is overlooked . They treat everyone with kindness and respect . It’s more like a big family than a day centre . You get the feeling that all the staff love their jobs . No matter what I ask I’m never made to feel a nuisance. My foster daughter has medical and physical needs . But thanks to Whitemoor she enjoys life to the full . We often joke that she has a better social life than us .
You only have to stand and watch and see all the love and care that goes into each task . Over the years I have seen many challenging services users , often locked into their own world . But somehow the staff reach out and make them feel happy and safe .
When my grandchildren visit and ask what my foster daughter has been doing all week and I say, cooking, shopping , horse riding, sailing, singing, dancing , bowling , going to the cinema ! They all moan and say “ why can’t I go there “ ! LOL
My foster daughter LOVES WHITEMOOR . She would happily go 7 days a week . Thank you Derbyshire for such an amazing place .
I honestly can’t see how you could better it 👍.
This place this Temporary closed until further notice
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