Wisdom Dental & Facial Aesthetic Clinic

542 Sheffield Rd, Whittington Moor, Chesterfield S41 8LX, United Kingdom

Wisdom Dental & Facial Aesthetic Clinic
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7H5C+HH Chesterfield, United Kingdom
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S. Cherill Royce-Dexter
S. Cherill Royce-Dexter
Today I went in as an emergency appointment as I lost a filling in my front tooth. I walked out 20 minutes later with the tooth re-filled looking better than ever. I have always found the staff at this practice to be helpful and willing to go the extra mile to make you happy.
Lynn Donovan
Lynn Donovan
Even though it's very difficult times at the moment the staff are very nice and not all intimidating. I have had to have lot of work done and not once did I leave feeling dissatisfied. On the contrary they are all very professional and take pride in giving the best service they possibly can. They never take anything for granted they always consult with you on what the best treatment plan. I highly recommend this dental practice.
Emma Ford
Emma Ford118 days ago
Kerry dealt with me on reception and she was brilliant. Anything I asked for she sorted quickly and efficiently with no problems. She couldn’t have been more helpful. Thank you Kerry
Rachel Drew
Rachel Drew302 days ago
Nothing good about this place at all. Went a couple of weeks ago with a hole in one of my teeth and pain in another one. Hole was filled and they said that nothing was wrong with any of other my teeth. Couple of weeks gone by pain has got worse each day filling has fell out and tooth has started to break and crumble. Pain was 10/10 kept me awake most of night rang for an appointment was told the next appointment was tuesday next week. Offered me a sit and wait appointment then proceeded to say i would only get anti biotics and i would still have to wait for a treatment appointment! I said forget it ill go somewhere else and put the phone down.
Shes Then gone and told her collegue i was rude and abusive so ive just had a phone call from another non caring receptionist who didnt really listen to my side of the story she believed her collegue who said that i swore at her and was rude and abusive when that wasnt the case!

If your in pain they do not care. They will offer you appointments in 1 2 3 weeks time and just expect you to 'deal' with it.
THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME IVE HAD ISSUES THERE HAS BEEN NUMEROUS TIMES! The Reception staff are also very rude and abrupt seem bored and like they dont want to be there
Gareth Price
Gareth Price2 years ago
The dentist and dental nurse who have treated me are wonderful. The front of house staff and practice manager (Kerry) have a woeful understanding of how to deal with customer complaints and also of how to take ownership of errors that they have made. If I ever told one of my customers to stop talking when they were attempting to explain a problem that I had created I'd be sacked on the spot. I also don't appreciate being bullied into using the hand sanitiser supplied on premises when I have just sanitised my hands in my car. The practice is also in need of some money spending on the decor.
David Redman
David Redman2 years ago
I have a deep fear of dentists. BUT I MUST SAY;
Flora and the rest of the team there, were EXCELLENT.... So understanding & patient...
Anyone requiring their services can be FULLY ASSURED of a comfortable & safe visit !
Louise Jansen
Louise Jansen2 years ago
The dentists are marvelous the reception staff are sharp and abrupt, sound bored and behave as if they are doing you a favour.
Poor representation of the wonderful.dentists and very negatuvenin the manner they deal.with people.
Janette Greaves
Janette Greaves2 years ago
My son was in absolute agony with his wisdom tooth,his own dentist was incompetent, he rang wisdom clinic up and the tooth was gone the next day...absolutely brilliant dentists,he is now registering there...can't thank them enough.
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