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Evri Weybridge - BROOKLANDS Depot

16-14 Vickers Dr S, Weybridge KT13 0UZ, United Kingdom

Evri Weybridge - BROOKLANDS Depot
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8GWF+XG Weybridge, United Kingdom
+44 330 808 5456
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Hannah J
Hannah J136 days ago
Two parcels get as far as car park, one from China then told they can't deliver. Automated responses so unable to resolve issue with simple phone call or email.
Karimah Farrell
Karimah Farrell228 days ago
Literally the worst courier service in the UK.
On multiple occasions my packages have gone missing.
Other occasions I found packages in other neighbours yards, the majority of the time when packages are attempted to be delivered, it’s a lie and there’s no attempt because I would wait all day and they wait until the last moment to mark as attempted. Severely unreliable
Micah Ashley
Micah Ashley258 days ago
i’ve used this company for years with ASOS and only now they’ve decided to be absolutely useless. i ordered an outfit on the 6th Oct so i can wear it the next day as i have next day delivery. tell me why i’m still waiting and it’s the 12th? did you hear me said NEXT DAY DELIVERY?
i’ve contacted, only to answer to a bloody robot. they keep saying “we will let you know asap” i live 10 minutes from the depot and i can’t even go get it. i had to come up with a different outfit because it never showed up.

so this makes me hesitant to order from ASOS if this continues. absolutely no excuse or reason for this to take so long. as i’m readying the reviews, this isn’t anything new. do better! for your own sake!
Mr S
Mr S2 years ago
The driver marked on the 1st attempt that it was the 3rd and the last attempt and not able to be delivered to my address. I had the last delivery from them last week and thousands since I live to this address. To be worse they don't have a way to contact them and they sent the parcel back to the sender on the other side of the world. The sender tried as well but could not contact them. Nothing new but makes me feel better: Evri THE WORST COURIER IN THE WORLD
Lindsay Choudhry
Lindsay Choudhry2 years ago
Contents of parcel stolen in transit, empty box delivered.
I will never use Evri again. Terrible service, totally unsatisfactory communications when something goes wrong.
Queeneth udeh
Queeneth udeh2 years ago
The worst courier service I have experienced.. been waiting on my delivery for days and they keep cancelling and changing delivery time common.. I can’t be waiting for a package all day like I have nothing else to do and still not get it for another 2 days.. you people should do better .. the painful part is I kept seeing the evri van go pass my window😏
Mohamed Abdulkhadir
Mohamed Abdulkhadir2 years ago
Worst delivery company!!
Waiting 2 weeks for the original parcel and now the second one “replacement” has gone missing.
Why shops bother using this company completely baffles me.
I would rather s*** on my hands and clap than use them ever again.
Natalie scott
Natalie scott2 years ago
Saved my daughters Christmas !!!!!

I ordered a doll house on 9th October (thinking that’s plenty of time) ace kept delaying and delaying I gave up !!! So ordered a second hand one on eBay, next day I get an email saying Hermes had the parcel so I cancelled the eBay one. Hermes then update saying parcel larger than expected and need specialist to deliver. I’m starting to really panic it’s 23rd December, I turned up at the weybridge depot and a lovely festive transport manger answered and said he will find someone to help, the wonderful Jamie came and she got on her laptop found the parcel at another depot, she rang James (manager of arms depot) who found the parcel and even sent a picture. He said he will put it on a van now for delivery. I get home and Jamie phones to say James will deliver personally between 12:30-1 to make sure I get it and Jamie said she phone me to check after.

Thank you sooooo much you have saved me and my daughter Christmas. My little girl is autistic and struggles she asked for a doll house and now it will come and you will have made her Christmas !!!!! Thank you soo much
Merry Christmas xx
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