Lymebrook Surgery

32 Lymebrook Wy, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Newcastle ST5 9GA, United Kingdom

Lymebrook Surgery
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2QC5+J6 Newcastle, United Kingdom
+44 300 365 0002
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A the K
A the K
I'm generous with two stars but 6 weeks for an appointment is a bit much. Information is not relayed back etc. Always seems to be an issue. I have been with them for around a decade and have never seen my actual doctor, always someone else.
Linda Hammond
Linda Hammond
I needed an urgent appointment for a relative. A doctor at this practise fitted us in following a call at 4pm. They talked through the problem with us and prescribed what was necessary.
Helpful Dr and receptionist, very much appreciated.
Karen Shore
Karen Shore106 days ago
I was sent a link with a few questions to answer then a couple of hours later I got a phone call answered a few more questions and my prescription was sent to my pharmacy the same day so I’m happy with the service I got today
RAFAL nikt
RAFAL nikt259 days ago
The woman at the reception desk is rude and insolent, not helpful and 8.40am there are not visit the doctor and I called from 8am and I was disconnected
Vicky Steadman
Vicky Steadman259 days ago
The Dr who delt with me this morning was absolutley brilliant I believe his name is Brandon

Thank you Brandon
Happy Days
Happy Days320 days ago
Having a psychotic break, have been told to hold for the last half hour or try again later
Beep Boop The Jilbabi
Beep Boop The Jilbabi1 year ago
The doctors are fine but the receptionists are lazy, rude and racist. Several times we have Been (as people of colour) and they have given us dirty looks. We were praying in a corner(out of people's way) and I literally heard them say "ugh why are they praying there, why don't they just pray outside, so annoying" IT WAS DARK AND COLD OUTSIDE. These white women have no right to treat us like this when they are sitting there doing nothing anyways.
Salad Cream
Salad Cream2 years ago
Terrible!!! I get 1 hour a day to call on my lunch but can never get through to anyone??? I work 7am to 6pm everyday and use my lunch to try and book an appointment but cant get through???? How on earth do I get to see or even speak to a doctor???? Not enough call takers!!! Pathetic to turn a load of surgeries into one and then not be able cope with calls from patients who NEED HELP!!!!!
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