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21 Glencroft Dr, Derby DE24 3LS, United Kingdom

DB Electrical Services
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VGG2+C8 Derby, United Kingdom
+44 7773 767612
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Michael edmondson
Michael edmondson
Very helpful, very knowledgeable , pleasant character and competitive prices
Jas Tamber
Jas Tamber2 years ago
Dave had previously done some electrical work for me so I asked him to do a few more small jobs (couple light fittings, a socket and switch). As soon as Dave started he had an arrogant attitude: a cable had previously gone from a junction box to the front light and I advised Dave of this, his reply was ‘who’s the expert here, you can’t have the cable from there’, and then after half hour of faffing around putting a cable from the fuse box in the end he connected the wires to the junction box. I left to go out and when I returned he had only finished the first light outside and told me he had decided to have his lunch break. He then told me to go to the bathroom and take the cover off the extractor fan as he believed it was not a 12v and ‘it’s going to kill someone one day’. I said the fan had been there for years but Dave’s reply was ‘I don’t care how long it’s been there I want you to take the cover off to make sure it is 12v’. Getting quite frustrated with Dave I still followed his demand considering its threatening nature. I brought the cover plate of fan and got Dave’s approval it was indeed 12v, he then told me I could put it back. Upon screwing the cover back there appeared a small gap at the bottom of the cover and so I asked Dave to check this to ensure it was safe and he said he had - luckily I had some other tradesmen there who also witnessed this. As he went on his hostile demeanour continued, I told him the upstairs lights didn’t work and then again and his reply ‘oh for god sake they are working’. I asked him about the pull cord switch and his words whilst showing me in his condescending way ‘don’t you know anything man.’ Anything I asked was a problem for him. In the end he gave me a bill for £150 adding 2 call out charges which he never mentioned. I asked him for further details, setting out what I believed his labour and parts cost. Again he disputed and when I said we can go through the dispute resolution with Derbyshire Trusted Trader he accepted the £120 I was prepared to pay (the actual total is £110 but after everything I (regrettably) still gave an extra £10 as a goodwill gesture). NEVER AGAIN will I contact him to go through that. The reason for a review is only because I am still worried about that extractor fan having the gap at the bottom, an extra worry given by Dave who had no business to question it.
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