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Apple Princesshay
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Sam Holman
Sam Holman260 days ago
Well I really hope you fix the manager in this store, it is not Apple as a hole just this store, clearly people don’t enjoy there jobs. I would like to remind you you’re lucky to have a job, and Apples high price comes from good quality products and customer service.

3 month old case with claimed impact damage is not really good quality. you know it and I know it.

And to laugh a customer out the store, that is excellent Customer Service well done Apple Store, please find better Management at this Location Apple 👏
Jason Huggins
Jason Huggins260 days ago
Can’t thank the Apple store enough, always a pleasure to visit, helpful friendly staff, always listen and offer constructive comments on how to fix or demonstrate how to overcome problems. The only issue is……the amount of amazing things they have for sale, I’d need to remortgage if I visited too often 😂 keep up the good work 👍🏻
John Fox
John Fox321 days ago
They had the charger we wanted and spent a lot of time knowledgeably helping select a new Apple watch strap. Also resolved an operational problem between the watch and the phone. Ellie, who served us, was very helpful and a pleasure to deal with and she is a credit to Apple.
Jayne Widdicombe
Jayne Widdicombe321 days ago
What a complete fiasco. My partner took our macbook into the store to request a battery change, after he had made an appointment. After they had taken all the details for the visit, he arrived to be told there was no battery and one would have to be ordered. They were more interested in selling a new macbook and were not interested in the battery change at all. He left feeling disappointed and frustrated. We were contacted to say battery was in and told we had to make another appointment for it to be fitted whilst we waited. I had to attend that appointment but as I was not expecting to be in the store for long, so masked up as I am clinically vulnerable and turned up at the required time. I was booked in and left sitting in the busiest part of the shop with people coming and going and eventually after 30 minutes attracted a staff member and explained I had an appointment and due to my health issues I was becoming very unhappy in the environment. A member of staff told me to put my lap top on the desk and he would deal with it after he had finished with the customer he was with. So another 10 minutes passed. He then started a diagnostic and the compulsory sales patter. At this point I was seriously stressed and unhappy and explained I simply wanted them to change the battery so I could leave the store as soon as possible. He then said there was no battery and it would take 72 hours to get one. I then insisted there was a battery in store. After the staff member went away he came back and agreed there was a battery and although it was above and beyond their normal service he was, on this occasion, prepared to fit it for me there and then . He then started to admit that they had made an error in our request. I was told the computer would be ready in half an hour and to return to their "safe area" to collect. I did this but was then completely ignored for another 10 minutes until I eventually got a staff member's attention. 10 minutes after that my MacBook arrived and I was able to leave. Absolutely disgusting customer service and very pushy sales approach.
Caraline Enefer
Caraline Enefer352 days ago
My visit went really well, firstly due to traffic I arrived late, it was no problem and within 10 minutes I was seen. Harry and Steven very helpful and provided lots of options when purchasing new ipad. Not pushing me to buy higher priced ipads and also went through covers and even said there are many places I could purchase covers !. But I did purchase mid price cover. Couldn't fault the service !
James Lowe
James Lowe1 year ago
I went, they fixed, I'm very happy. I'm not a sheep or a follower of the fruit farm but needs must, but the mac got broken by a unknowingly daft me!
Happy smiles and a warm welcome and all is fixed. They even do lessons for oafs like me. #lovethemacbutwillneverhaveaniphone
Christopher Carstairs
Christopher Carstairs1 year ago
Lana was very helpful but as nonplussed as I in trying to complete a purchase of further iCloud memory. However he arranged a help call with another Apple service & the lady we spoke to helped to resolve the problem. I regret I didn't catch her name. Thank you.
Brian Dash
Brian Dash1 year ago
Capatilism at it's worst. Can't believe buy it when you can get an even better phone online for a quarter of the price. Never had apple. Never will x
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