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Lorenzo Lai
Lorenzo Lai
It has been a great experience. During the week we had the possibility to improve our English. The teacher was very nice and he helped us a lot. The activities were very funny and it has been a great time. The places that I discovered will certainly bring me back to Cambridge.
Joanne Woolgar
Joanne Woolgar
I accompanied a group of 56 students to this school for a week and was very impressed. The students enjoyed their lessons, felt very welcome in their host families and enjoyed the independence of travelling around Cambridge on their own and exploring the city. The afternoon activities were interesting and the punting and the Fitzwilliam Museum were the favourites. Would perhaps have liked to visit some of the colleges and their chapels. The staff at Studio Cambridge were most helpful and nothing was too much trouble. A special thanks to Guy Trussel who did everything to make our stay as enjoyable and hassle free as possible.
Kathi Biber
Kathi Biber
When my brother and I arrived in Reading, I didn’t want to stay at the camp for two weeks but when the teachers showed us the camp i thought that it could be fun. I also made new friends very quickly. On the second day we had to complete a test, which showed our English skills. The next day were only games and talking in groups. We also had a few activities for example football, baskrtball and art classes… Every week there was a disco that was pretty fun and you had the opportunity to get to know new people that you didn’t speak to before. We also had a talent show in the first week. The last day was very sad for me because I had to say goodbye to my friends. In the eveming we watched a film and some people left the camp after that movie. I would totally recommend that camp because you can really improve your English and you make new friends and you have a good time!
Juan Pablo Alonso
Juan Pablo Alonso
Yesterday, I had an awful experience there. I forgot one standard consent letter at home and when I got there, they didn't allow me to do my exam. None of them helped me to solve the problem. By myself I had to go to city center in order to find any shop which had a printer, but it was impossible in 30 minutes. When I came back, I ask them to lodge a claim, but I could not do that because they didn't have any type of claim form available. I cannot believe as such a academic center doesn't have any printer, PC, or that letter which doesn't have any personal information. People work hard to get that certification, but for them it's only business or money. Sometimes things happens, I think they have to be ready for that inconvenient. I had forgotten my Passport or ID Card, I would have understood, but for one simple letter that they could have had available, it's crazy!!!
They did not behave as profesional. I really felt alone all the time. I was treated appallingly.
42 SkankHunt
42 SkankHunt
I was here eight years ago for English program. I gotta say great times.
We have Spanish Russia Italian German folks in my class. Which I can know other country’s stuffs during the program.
That will improve ur English fast.

I bought the weekly lunch tickets . Usually grab a sandwich and a bag of chips. And it’s just downstairs. Pretty convenient.

The studio got a tons of activity after the English lecture. The hold party’s at some nights. The rent a Indoor basketball court so you can hoop with your friend. And the best part is punting. The studio actually gave us boats for like an hour. So we can cruise around the river with friends. I want punting every week. Btw do not take the boat that comes with wood sticks. Cuz it’s super heavy.

The teachers are awesome and the principal really take care of students problem.

Due to my home stay issue ,I was told that I’m the first Taiwanese exchange that Got kick out from the home stay family. They swapped me to the school dorm. Which is even better lol.
They offer better breakfast and more private space.
I mean my buddy said his home stay offers him pancakes sandwiches for breakfast and they’re house got free WiFi.
But lucky me. I got cereal every morning. bruhhhhh. .........

And I got to buy my own internet deal which cost me 40pounds. The school Said the host should do my laundry twice a week.

But my host insists once a week and if I want extra laundry I’ll have to pay her five pounds.
I still remember her address it’s on birdwood RD 120~125 somewhere. You know the place.

You should really evaluate the host cuz some of them aren’t capable of hosting. Btw she actually take money from my house key deposit. It was 30p but she only give me 25p back at the end. She said it’s the laundry fee.
WOW. What a @?!@
For the record I used to have a roommate that got in the same program in the studio. He can’t stand the host and they had an argument more like a fight and he move to school dorm like a two weeks before me.

Over all the school is super good.
Hosts Hmmmm my classmates host is lit.
But mine....lol. you know the story.
Silvia Solari Charon
Silvia Solari Charon
We have been training students from our local town there for three years. We go every January and the experience is great. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The students love the classes, the teachers are very good and they also have the opportunity to go sightseeing and Share with their host families.
Sofia Reis
Sofia Reis
So I was at Cambridge Studio last week (16-18) and it was one of the best experiences of my life
So let's start with classes: There's 2 types: Intensive and Regular
If you chose regular, you will only have classes in the morning or in the afternoon.
Pros: If you want to enjoy the activities, and be able to socialize more and see the city and not only focus on going to classes this is the one for you. You will still be learning and improving your English you will just be doing it by talking with other people .
Now if you have already been to Cambridge and your solo purpose there is to learn English as much as you can go to Intensive. You will have free time after dinner so you can chill out then .
I thought about choosing intensive but I'm glad I decided to stick with regular. I was already very satisfied with my level of English so maybe that was one of the factores and that gave me the opportunity to do activities that I wouldn't have done if I was in intensive
Classes and teachers are great. I did learn some new vocabulary and that was my goal.
I have to say. Classes in the afternoon were a lil bit exhausting for me just because after lunch, my capacity of focusing is not the same as in the morning and 1.30 pm to 5.30pm feels like it's forever. But that's me! I'm more productive in the morning. The classes in the afternoon were amazing too thou, I was just a lil bit more sleepy.
Another thing is, don't expect miracles. I was talking to other student and she said that she didn't learned anything new. Ofc she did, but she only stayed there for one week. That means 5 days of classes in which Monday is the evaluation day. So if you're a beginner don't expect to come out in a Advance level if you're staying there for a short period.

Activities: they are actually pretty nice! I loved to go Punting with my friends. It was so awesome cause nobody knew how to sail so we were laughing the whole time
Tea party in my opinion needs to improved. I was thinking we would have a huge diversity of teas to try from and different cakes so it was a lil bit disappointing. One cake and one tea cup, I mean I can do that by myself. So definitely re think this one and don't forget.. Add also several vegan options and not just one.
You do get a lot of activities to choose from per day especially in the afternoon but I'm mean I feel like if I had stayed there for 3 weeks (so one more week) they would start being repetitive.

Excursions: Loved them. Just wished it hadn't felt like I wasn't running all the time. " it's better to travel well than to arrive" . I get that we had limited time but because you were trying to show us a 1000 things in one second in different parts of the city we couldn't really enjoy the city itself and the places where we were stopping, because we were always running around.

STAFF: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I'm going to give them 6 stars cause 5 it's not enough.
They were absolutely incredible and so nice. You couldn't have selected a better group to be at Sir Christopher this year.
You could see that they cared so much about the students and that they were always making sure that you were having the best time.
Even thou they were ' above me' I felt like I was hanging out with my friends.
In the common room they would play board games with us, sing with us and I think that's what makes an experience memorable. They were able to keep the order without being bossy and that's what you want. You want someone that is able to create a good relationship with the students and they did that. One of them even helped me save a spider ( no killing) and as an animal lover that made me so happy, even thou he didn't have to do it.
I actually got to also seat down with some of them and actually talk to them a lil bit and some of them have such amazing goals in life. We would also laugh a lot. Again it was that friend to friend relationship. That is what is all about.
They all deserve a bonus! I don't know how it was in the other campus but if you could replicate this same team every year in every campus it would be perfect.

So if u can GO!
Bidhan Vhadra
Bidhan Vhadra140 days ago
I worked at Studio Cambridge for two summer placements in 2018 and 2019. It was a great experience and I gained many skills in training younger learners. I am a specialist with adults and teaching Business English. But, I wanted to gain some experience in training younger students. It was very challenging for me to teach younger learners. But at Studio Cambridge, the staff were quite helpful. They were supportive and gave me the chance to develop my skills. I taught classes for students who were aged from 14 - 19 years old. It was a successful experience with positive feedback. After many years of being an adult specialist, I can now train younger learners too. I now feel much more confident with teaching teenagers and especially high-school students from 16 - 19 years old. I would recommend Studio Cambridge to any teacher who would like to gain more practical experience.
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