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Ian Walker Family Law and Mediation Solicitors
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Avoid avoid avoid... charges for opening emails chasing him for updates when not heard from him or associates for weeks. Makes mistakes then charges you for his time to put them right. Sends letters threatening to sue if you haven't paid within 2 weeks of recieving the bill.... Witheld my friends decree absolut and she still has not received it despite paying the bill in full a month ago as she was scared of legal action despite many questionable charges on it.... Horrendous experience which has reduced her to tears on many, many occasions. Bully.
Claire Knight
Claire Knight
I found this company on a google search and it was the only one I contacted when faced with the possibility my marriage was over.
I met with Karen Elliott one afternoon in the honiton office and immediately felt safe, reassured and completely comfortable. This was a particularly upsetting experience for me but Karen was professional, honest and compassionate.
All the way through my divorce she was there at the end of the phone to talk me through things, advise and put me at ease.. which wasn’t easy I know!
I also had the welfare of my 13 year old son to worry about but again I was guided through the family law procedure and his safety and well-being was thoroughly looked after..
I couldn’t recommend this company enough and I was 100% happy with the service I received..
I couldn’t have got through this sad chapter in my life without Karen and I will Be forever grateful to her. Thank you again..
Claire Knight
I have to say that my experience wasn't great. I used this service for child care proceedings against the local authority. Before I employed my solicitor (won't mention names as I don't want to explicitly identify myself) they said that they would be consistent with communication but once they had accepted my legal aid they became unresponsive.

They would ignore my emails and they took days to reach on the phone.

There was a lot more they could have done to defend me. I hadn't really done anything to deserve my children going for adoption but they did anyway. I understand that care proceedings are often rigged in favor of the local authority and it can be very difficult for families to win even with decent legal representation but my solicitor did very little and wasn't even at the final hearing.

There were lots of unfair things the local authority did, they even disobeyed the word of a judge and my solicitor didn't chase it up.

It felt as though my solicitor was complacent about my case and this huge injustice upon my family.

I understand being overworked but this is people's lives on the line.
Gareth Coxon
Gareth Coxon
Ian Walker and his team have always been a pleasure to work with. They are creative and have a clear vision with great attention to detail.
Experts in their field, with their client's needs at the centre of everything they do - they are highly motivated to provide outstanding service.
Nathan paice
Nathan paice
without Nicole's help I would have been completely lost and would not have got as far as I did with getting contact with my child I am and will forever be so thankful to her for everything she has done
Amy Green
Amy Green
Highly recommended, very professional, does a good job, explaining things clearly and giving good advice.
Lisa Soper (AngelFalls666)
Lisa Soper (AngelFalls666)
Matt Bryden
Matt Bryden2 years ago
This firm was recommended to me by a friend. I was absolutely disorientated at the time. My wife was divorcing me after we had just bought our dream home together and we had a two year old daughter. The pandemic hit and I lost all my business.

When I first spoke to Lauren on the phone she told me she did not accept that I should walk away with nothing. She then guided me carefully through the process until I walked away with a six-figure settlement. She called me when she was worried about my well-being - I had been triggered by my daughter's unhappiness - and she sent emails in advance of my receiving the decree absolute, warning me that this was often a challenging time. Further, Claire Black provided free hour-long online talks on various areas related to divorce - including how to prepare yourself for court (which I thankfully avoided) and how to have a constructive dialogue with one's ex-partner. When this was not convenient for me, she sent me downloadable links free of charge.

All in all, this has been a hugely painful experience. Yet I leave it with the best result I could have hoped for. I will be recommending this firm to others just as my friend did to me. Thank you to Lauren and her colleagues for their guidance throughout.
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