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Abbey Rd, Barrow-in-Furness LA14 5LF, United Kingdom

Gas station
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4QHP+39 Barrow-in-Furness, United Kingdom
+44 1229 870927
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Sam Stringer
Sam Stringer143 days ago
Ridiculous prices for fuel, 168p a litre for petrol! I’ve seen motorway services with cheaper prices and I’ve just paid 151p a litre from a shell station in central London on my my way home. If you travel 15 minutes away to the shell station in Ulverston they’re usually 10-15p a litre cheaper.
Allan Fleming
Allan Fleming143 days ago
Until this week I used this garage for £200+ of diesel a week for years, But since the new owners came not anymore. They are rude with attitude and their fuel pricing has far surpassed any other garage in a large radius. Infact they are on par with motorway prices.
Chris Pitt
Chris Pitt174 days ago
More expensive than the motorway and taking advantage of the people of Barrow. We understand prices will rise but this new owner has decided to cash in on the situation. I am looking elsewhere for my fuel not only for me but to all my employees and family members. Boycott until they bring their prices in-line with the national rates.
James Watson
James Watson235 days ago
Taking the absolute p##s with their prices. I have used the Barrow Shell for many years and would rather drive to Ulverston now. The garage seems awfully quick to raise prices at the moment compared to other garages in the area. All the prices in the shop seem to have increased too.
Chris riseley
Chris riseley265 days ago
Prices are an absolute disgrace... boycott until the greedy person behind the price increase realises why the forecourt is almost always empty and there are queues at the shell garage in ulverston.sort it out.
Arabella Onslow
Arabella Onslow1 year ago
For some time now the prices here have been one of, if not the cheapest in Barrow. It's more convenient now to come here than to Asda or Morrisons which are usually the cheapest but for some time have been comparable. The little grocery store and Subway make it all round a great place to stop and fill up
Shaun Nightingale
Shaun Nightingale2 years ago
Seen the owners buying there fire wood from B&M bargains to sell at the garage for a more expensive price
Jamie Noren
Jamie Noren2 years ago
Used to be full of friendly staff and reasonable prices, now its been took over by people from out of town and the prices are on par with what you'd expect at a motorway services, and the staff in general are rude! I challenge anyone to say otherwise...bet there will be few if any....#boycotted!
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