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204 Fairmile Rd, Christchurch BH23 2LP, United Kingdom

Gas station
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P6X4+7Q Christchurch, United Kingdom
+44 1202 478182
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Richard Tubb
Richard Tubb
Nice clean forecourt and shop. One of the cheapest for petrol. Ample goods and a Costa inside. Very polite and helpful staff team.
Hand car wash adjoined, well worth the money.
Robert Lal
Robert Lal
The location is great and the service and in store market is good especially if you just need some essentials. The price per litre of fuel is higher than supermarket prices. Good place to fill just a bit to get to your destined supermarket petrol station to fill up full. If prices were like the branded supermarkets stations then this is definitely a great place to fill. Thank you and have a great day 👍
Andrew Thorne
Andrew Thorne
You are running low on petrol. You see a petrol station. You fill up. All requirements of a petrol station taken care of.

They also have a small shop and a hand car wash but I haven't used either
David Welch
David Welch
Good Service..
Small forecourt
Bryan Levy
Bryan Levyyesterday
Good petrol station. It was the cheapest garage in Christchurch for fuel in the last few weeks
Robert Hoeller
Robert Hoeller32 days ago
Good story. I decided to start using this petrol station in the last year because I wanted to support the smaller fish and they were one of the first to drop their prices in response to falling wholesale costs.

Anyway, about two months ago I filled my car up on pump #3, and when my tank was full the trip switch failed and petrol came gushing out down the side of my car. I went inside and told the cashier, who gave me a largely disinterested look. All I wanted was for them to acknowledge the issue and fix the faulty pump in due course. Fair enough.

I go back last night and, as luck would have it, I'm at pump 3. I was a bit more careful this time, but still when the tank was full, petrol came gushing out and down the side of my car. This time I go inside and am a bit annoyed that nothing has been done to fix the issue. So I explain what happened two months ago and what just happened.

The young man behind the counter says to me "it's not our fault, we don't need to fix this, you need to be more careful when you fill your car". I'm thinking, is this guy serious? How can I be more careful when the first sign my tank is full, is petrol coming down the side of my car? He didn't agree that the trip switch needed to be present and then tried to shake my hand, with a smile on his face, to make friends. Then as I'm walking out he says to me, please be more careful!

Honestly, I don't need to be treated with that level of disrespect. I will simply fill up elsewhere. That's several hundred pounds every month, lost revenue. Nice one!
Mark Gregory
Mark Gregory62 days ago
Best car wash adjacent
John Burst
John Burst2 years ago
Useful to still have a local petrol station and they can now sell alcohol.
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