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Somerford Rd, Christchurch BH23 3PP, United Kingdom

Gas station
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P6PW+WQ Christchurch, United Kingdom
+44 1202 486863
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Monday: 00–24
Tuesday: 00–24
Wedneasday: 00–24
Thursday: 00–24
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Sunday: 00–24
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Ben Bignell
Ben Bignell
I don't understand why it says open 24 hours a day when 3 times i have turned up in the early hours of the morning and the forecourt is coned off and the shutters down, its frustrating as i then have to drive back towards Bournemouth to get fuel from the Shell garage and then back to Christchurch. It's either 24/7 or not. At least let people know.
John Lambert
John Lambert
Best petrol station in Christchurch, the staff are friendly and always clean, tidy and has a wide range of food :)
Vigneswaran Vanushan
Vigneswaran Vanushan
Very friendly staffs

Usual BP fuel prices

Easy access and wheelchair access available.
Peterjon short
Peterjon short
Petrol station with M&S food very useful at times
Skye Young
Skye Young
A few times i have got my lottery lucky dip they print out forget to give it and then reprint a ticket.What happens to the ticket they already printed.As to me its coming across very deceitful behaviour as i have never had that happen to me anywhere else.The boss needs to look into this check machine and tills.
Lisa G
Lisa G30 days ago
Petrol station charing over inflated prices. No more to be said.
Michael Newman
Michael Newman60 days ago
Very friendly helpful staff
Peter jupp
Peter jupp2 years ago
They sell fuel (still) and have an M&S so something for many. Carwash and jet wash available too, along with a cash machine.
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