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Sainsbury's Petrol Station

1 Hill Barton Rd, Exeter EX1 3PF, United Kingdom

Sainsbury's Petrol Station
Gas station
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PGM9+PQ Exeter, United Kingdom
+44 1392 460356
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What a stupidly laid out petrol station... Very narrow, not much space between pumps. But cheap petrol. You can't have it all!
Jan Dances
Jan Dances
Didn't have to hang around picked a quiet period, well stocked clean shop, staff are very polite, mechanical car wash, aired checked tyres, plenty of what one needs for most vehicles,
Michael Sibley
Michael Sibley
Strange 1 to review a petrol station but it popped up on my visit list and you know what just before I skipped it I realised what great value you get there, FREE tyre pump and the express car wash for £3 is a great way to keep your motor reasonably clean through the winter months.
Peter Gambie
Peter Gambie1 year ago
My wife went in to pay for petrol and a coffee, the card machine was playing up. The machine said that she had entered her pin number too many times even though she had used the contactless chip. The woman serving her said that your bank has frozen your account and that you need to pay in another way (we had no other means of paying at that time), a colleague of the woman suggested that she allow my wife to try the card again but the woman serving refused and insisted that my wife give out our details (in front of an increasing audience of other customers.) After my wife had given our details to the woman the woman said in a kurt manor "You won't be able to have the coffee you want now either". Before leaving my wife was given a long print out and told that she must pay this within seven days, she made my wife feel so small.
We went to the cash machine in the main supermarket, to draw out the money we owe. I took it in personally and suggested to the woman that the machines were possibly faulty as I had just withdrawn cash from the machine with the same card. She was immediately adversarial saying that her machine was fine suggesting that the fault was ours. I have to admit I got a bit angry with her myself and told her how much she had embarrassed my wife she told me that I should keep my voice down so at that point I slammed the money on the counter and stormed out.

I think that this branch needs some customer service training as there staff are rude discourteous and lack discretion when handling a sensative/embarrassing situation. And when they are told how disgraceful their behaviour is they become antagonistic.
Shawn1 year ago
Lovely members of staff on my day off visit
Jay Evolve
Jay Evolve1 year ago
Friendly people. Price is cheap too.
Minty Williams
Minty Williams2 years ago
The air machine payments are a problem. The menu and buttons don't seem to match up in any kind of logical way, meaning I ended up paying for the other thing which I didn't need. Tried again, maybe I missed something. Was really careful. Guess what? Same thing. I don't know what monkey designed that thing but they would be more useful going back to the zoo. A 5 year old could have done better. E5 petrol is no longer available here making this place useless for me as my car can't have the new petrol. Add these to the fact that you almost always have to queue to get into the place means I won't be bothering to go back anytime.
Iscagreen2 years ago
Pulled into Sainsburys garage Pinhoe, my first visit since it reopened, as my tyres where getting low on air. There is now a charge of 30p to inflate tyres and have a 3 minute time limit. Payment is contactless only either with card or phone at the machine. Once parked next to the machine, remove dust caps first, insert tyre pressure required, then use your preferred payment method.
I did mine well within the time limit allowed but stayed next to the machine until my payment ended.
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