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393 Newmarket Rd, Cambridge CB5 8JG, United Kingdom

Grocery store
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646W+PR Cambridge, United Kingdom
+44 800 042 0800
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Gurmmet Singh
Gurmmet Singh297 days ago
Bought all our food for a last minute barbie get together. Food tasted lovely, but whilst we were shopping, two assistants when asked for help absolutely dismissed us. I can appreciate their mandate being keeping the shelves full, but a simple reply of 'we keep that over there' would have been helpful. In sharp contrast, the asain checkout lady that looked after me was very quick, but did it laughing and joking. This made me forget about the bad service earlier.
Sam Jameson
Sam Jameson328 days ago
A fresh and clean store with plenty of well organised, tidy stock. It feels spacious and was easy to browse the middle isles where the Special Buys are.
João Ascenso
João Ascenso1 year ago
It's a very good Aldi for Aldi standards. Has enough selection that you'll be able to do 90 precent of your shopping there plus you get some really high quality products like the wagyu beef
Alastair Seifert
Alastair Seifert1 year ago
The quality is fantastic, especially for the price. My favourite part is challenging myself pack as fast as the cashier scans. I Get annoyed now in other shops by how slow they are at the checkouts
J H Masterson
J H Masterson1 year ago
Been out of stock for cat litter for 3 weeks!!!! Both Aldi's in Cambridge, so still had to go to Tesco but they had no diesel so went to a BP where the diesel was in stock and cheaper by 3p than Tesco!! A liter
Dávid Keczer
Dávid Keczer1 year ago
They have a lot of good quality protein shake,bar,joghurt, etc best place to go shopping if you lazy to make home protein food
Ben White
Ben White1 year ago
I've always really like Aldi but today broke me. They opened a checkout, I unloaded a weeks shopping, they closed the checkout. I questioned what was going on and they said wouldn't open it, they then opened two other tills so I walked out and left £150 shopping on the checkout to be sorted or binned. Furious
Anton G
Anton G2 years ago
Classic Aldi, slightly chaotic with the layout. Probably also caused by the Christmas season, though! A few more vegan options would be great!
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