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Unit 7, Meteor Retail Park, Derby DE21 4SY, United Kingdom

Grocery store
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WGRP+XX Derby, United Kingdom
+44 800 042 0800
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Geoffrey Schofield
Geoffrey Schofield
Prices are OK and layout is typical of aldi. Biggest gripe is the fact that their logistics isnt that brilliant as they often run out of popular items.
Lee Keeling
Lee Keeling
A stunning store that is always stocked well, prices in the right place and is always tidy. Staff are very polite and helpful and the store layout just works. In terms of pricing, I shop at a few places in a month but I always come out of Aldi thinking money well spent. 5*

Since the hike in cost of living I have been using aldi more and more. You just cant get the selection at the price anywhere else unless you have the time to spend looking for best buys and specials.
Louise G
Louise G
It's a good shop but for the last few months the back of the shop smells like actual poo. Not sure if its the fridges or if something's been spilt and not cleaned up properly. Whatever it is it smells vile. Also the supply of stuff is really hit and miss at the moment with things being out of stock for weeks. First we struggled to get nappies for weeks, then the frozen section was empty for a few weeks, now they seem to be having issues with pet food. Staff are great though.
Rosie Wilson
Rosie Wilson28 days ago
I really like the fact that all Aldi stores are laid out the same. It saves time trying to find items from a different Aldi. The meat & veg & fresh foodstuffs, are usually very good, & I enjoy having a much round the central shelves where the offers are.
Robin pratt
Robin pratt28 days ago
Very good, I will be using it more. I went from Morrisons to there and it was like going from tired to dynamic. Smaller store but good product range and good quality with helpful staff. They deserve their success but you still need a big store to get speciality items.
Chezelle Hunt
Chezelle Hunt28 days ago
Full shelves and friendly service. Value for money. Recommended for everyone.
Helena Church
Helena Church2 years ago
Just did a shop here & bought some Waygu mince meat. When I got home noticed that the pack was puffed up & surprised to find the use by date was yesterday 15th Dec! Phoned customer services who just said take it back. Explained I'm not going back for another week so don't want to make a special journey (cost of fuel & stores very busy with little parking too). Didn't seem interested so after logging her name, I will take photos with the receipt & go back to the store & complain in my own time. I have had damaged items before when they go through their tills at high speed & find things leaking when I get home or been overcharged a number of times as you just don't have the time to check in the store. Let the buyer beware I guess....or hold up the till!
Jane Pickering
Jane Pickering2 years ago
Go to Aldi every week to do my weekly shop and usually come out with something from the middle Isle. You have to keep your eye on the use by dates as they don't seem to always rotate the stock.
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