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JP Morgan Chase Bank

1 Chaseside, Bournemouth BH7 7DA, United Kingdom

JP Morgan Chase Bank
Investment bank
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P5V9+R9 Bournemouth, United Kingdom
+44 20 7742 4000
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John Matthews
John Matthews317 days ago
Rubbish. Go elsewhere and save yourself hassle. Poor customer service. Also, look at Chase’s role in the 2007/8 financial
Crisis and ask if this is a bank you wan to be associated with
Cristina Gorea
Cristina Gorea348 days ago
Bad customer service, all unprofessional managers are working there…so sad to see that people who don’t have any clue about their job is managers…
Peter Andrew
Peter Andrew1 year ago
Try contacting them ? You will be on the phone for seemingly hours. There are better banks to be with and there are few worse banks
Eliston Ribeiro
Eliston Ribeiro1 year ago
Waiting for my refund money but mangement doesnot know when it will come poor service
Najim Ben
Najim Ben1 year ago
Was very good but all of a sudden all my card purchases got declined so I contacted chase within the app and that's were everything went wrong as they wouldn't respond to me, I have now taken my business elsewhere. Not sure why a good service can become atrocious so quickly,
B W1 year ago
I worked in Corporate Actions at the Bournemouth JP Morgan office. I was made to feel like I wasn't human. They decided my face didn't fit and gave favourable treatment to the employees that had friends and family within the firm. They ended my contract with no notice, leaving me with no job before Christmas. They showed no empathy and enjoyed the fact I had no job and would not be able to provide for my family.

They did not want to train me like the other members of the team so that my development would suffer and that I would under perform.

Please beware if you're offered a contract role within this team, they can end your contract with no notice. You need to realise the sort of people you're dealing with. They only care about themselves. They are ruthless and have no consideration for individuals welfare or wellbeing. They will bully you if they don't want you in the team and will treat you differently to the other members of the team so that you feel isolated and worthless.

The culture there is very selfish and incestuous. The many associates, who will be your seniors, get paid alot of money for not doing very much. They stick together and force you out with no hesitation. They have given me depression and hampered my life in a very negative way.
Baylie Hart
Baylie Hart1 year ago
Terrible customer service. Don’t bother contacting via messaging app. They don’t read the chat and fob you off without sorting out the problem. The worst I’ve experienced. No point in having an account if you can’t sort out a problem.
Ronald white
Ronald white2 years ago
what a terrible customer service, you cannot email and get any help when something serious happens, you wait 30-60 mins to get through and the agents are awfuil, they place you on hold again and again without any reason. I have been with Chase for many years and this has happenned too many times, its time to move and take my hard earned cash somewhere else, and my business banking !
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