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Carlos BBQ

70 Mill Rd, Petersfield, Cambridge CB1 2AS, United Kingdom

Carlos BBQ
Kebab shop
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642P+5C Cambridge, United Kingdom
+44 1223 309609
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Hey Doug!
Hey Doug!233 days ago
Seems like a bit of an institution here.
Very good sized portions and the owner is the nicest guy you’ll meet. He even offers Turkish tea while you wait. I tried some baclava which I really enjoyed, even though I don’t really eat sweet pastries. Try their bulgar, it’s pretty tasty.
Peter d
Peter d233 days ago
Carlos is an absolute legend. He is generous with everyone, and also gives away a lot of food to places like homeless shelters etc. Carlos was my go-to takeaway supplier throughout the lockdowns. There's simply no better food-value for the money you spend here.
I come here often for this huge lamb shank, turkish tea and baklava.
Simon ward
Simon ward294 days ago
To some chips and a kebab for £15 will seem expensive.
But trust me you need to try it.
Carlos hand makes his doner meat which includes a layer of lamb breast.
The flavour is intense and makes your mouth water, unlike most others who by in the pre packed meat on a skewer.
The bread looked thick but was light and airey in the mouth.
Also the chips were not no chefs larder or similar.
Nice thick chips ,in fresh oil, and a big portion.
He may not profit as much as he could, but if he keeps doing food like this he will have a great customer base.
Well done.
Heather Birch
Heather Birch1 year ago
Great find during our stay in Cambridge! Carlos is friendly and cooks the food and brings it out! My son and I were thrilled to talk about o him! Carlos said he started his business when he was 19 over 30 years ago! He never goes on holiday but his wife is going to make him go soon for their anniversary! The kebab was delicious, falafel wrap was delicious, the baklava so tasty, and rice pudding was divine! If I’m ever in Cambridge again we will stop in!
Yanin N
Yanin N1 year ago
Not a typical Kabab shop! Carlos is a very nice guy. He is super friendly and offers great hospitality with exceptional customer service mind! Everyone loves him.

I enjoyed my mixed kabab and salad on rice with extra chilli sauce 🌶. The portion size was generous and the dishes tasted really good. 👍🏼 He offered a traditional Turkish tea for me (on the house) which was a nice touch!!! Thanks Carlos!!!!


Last weekend, I visit Carlos BBQ again for the 3rd time and tried his special menus- slow cooked lamb shank. It was super delicious!!!!
Dimitrios Nakos
Dimitrios Nakos1 year ago
It is a simple kebab shop with a few chairs and tables. The atmosphere is alright for a kebab shop. The food is great and this is one of the main reasons to visit this place. The service is very good and the owner always polite. I prefer to dine in as the food tastes best when served straight from the grill.
Nadia Jamil NJLahori.
Nadia Jamil NJLahori.1 year ago
Softest lamb shank on earth at #CarlosBarbacue on #MillRoad #Cambridge
Literally melts off the bone. Tastes divine. Stunningly melt in your mouth mulaaim.
Served on a bed of perfectly cooked burghuri, and a crunchy salad on the side. I asked for extra donor meat and forgot to take pictures of the out of this world perfect #hummus and the extra chilli garlic sauce and chilli sauce. Usually I would down it with a bottle of chilled Uludag ice cream soda. Had to make do w coke zero. Didn't touch the insanely delicious baklava and desserts. Such a good girl in am.

But here it is. If your in Cambridge do not miss out on Carlos's Barbecue on Mill Road. Everything from the chops, the shank, to the tawuks, in lamb or chicken, the donors, burghuri, hummus... Kababs...dessert...qava afterwords...everything is perfect.

Carlos is one of the most loved people on Mill Road. Genuinely passionate about his food, Turkey and Cyprus. He and all his servers have hearts of gold. Alhamdolillah his makes sure the food is perfect and his customers satisfied..

It's a Lovely crisp evening.
Thanking Allah every moment for the weather, the blue skies, green trees and this surge of energy my body is feeling after so long.

I didn't eat all of that. Part of #diabetes is controlling portion sizes, so I'm being extra careful.
I did imagine myself crunching on a sticky, sweet, flaky, crisp baklava.

Dreaming doesn't raise my sugar :)

Thinking of you all. Hoping your all enjoying what you eat!

Love N


Swipe to see the yumminess.
Ribs, lamb chops, seekh kabab, chicken shish, lamb shish, the most juicy, soft, succulent melt in your mouth meat, on a bed of bulgur & pea pullao, fresh hummus, pittas, tarama, flakey, crisp borek pastry filled w either potatoes and peas or meat. The most fabulous chilli sauce to dip everything in. Followed by FANTASTIC revani, a soft semolina cake steeped in syrup. Some sweet Khadayif, made w stringed vermicelli, walnut and pistachio, a delicious soft crunchy bakalava of your choice. And through out the meal, Carlos’s magic secret recipe qava (tea), we had many cups of those! And a Turkish coffee to top it off.

Another magic ingredient is Carlos himself! One of the sweetest, most friendly, generous and loving gentlemen in the world. Best Turkish Cypriot food on Earth but Carlos has something for everyone with burgers, fish and chips, wings, donor kebabs. Jokes and friendly conversation galore. I could sit here all day w my laptop, work, snack, tea and coffee myself to heaven and back!

If you come to Cambridge, you have to visit Carlos BBQ on Mill Road, eat, drink and give Carlos a huge hug! Coz he is simply amazing. Nothing like being fed good food with love!

Had to go to the hospital and was feeling a bit rough post all the tests, then, we decided to go to Carlos and everything was forgotten in a meat and sweet fest! BEST DINNER EVAAAAAAH!

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Abdul Hadi
Abdul Hadi2 years ago
Here you get great food and good portions in a relaxed atmosphere where you could if you wanted spend all day drinking turkish tea while talking to interesting strangers or the legendary Carlos himself. The Baklava is the best in Cambridge and the all round value for money is good here. Just make sure you make it clear what you want to order otherwise Carlos will surprise you with whatever special dish he has available. If you are lucky Carlos may even entertain you by singing. He is definitely the Kebab King of Cambridge.
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