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M. K.
M. K.
The store is located in a convenient area with ample parking. There is a huge selection of kitchens in the showroom that makes your decision more difficult. The staff is helpful and with great knowledge of the products. In this occasion we were only browsing for a future project, but most definitely we will be back!

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Dilya Suleyman
Dilya Suleyman
This is the second kitchen from WREN and unfortunately not only the quality dropped, but the service!
Firstly, the designer created something, which at the end cannot be either built, placed or installed, so you have to pay more to get it done.
Secondly, the installation & delivery team is completely useless. I wonder if they work there at all.
We have waited for 3 weeks the installation and then it was cancelled last minute! So, i have to find another installer at the most busiest time of the year - summer! But problems didn't finished, the delivery team sent wrong item, wrong shape, broken. So it lasted for another month of waiting.

Lastly, after 2 years, two units door paint is peeling off and again the long trail of emails...see attached photos..

Hope you will be lucky to find a decent company.
Karen Green
Karen Green236 days ago
Extremely large well presented kitchen showroom with 60+ kitchen layouts to look at. Pleasant staff, bottled water and biscuits to keep your energy levels up, toilet facilities; booking an appointment online was fairly quick and easy. Staff were knowledgeable and able to suggest good ideas and tips on available materials and layout. Have a good look at the website beforehand too as there are so many choices.
Chris h
Chris h297 days ago
Purchased my kitchen from Wren, Cambridge, in March 22
delivery in 2 weeks, very happy with it , easy to fit and looks great..
The Wren designer, Zoe Ashman, was very helpful and patient with all my changes, and did a great job of the design... Highly recommended....
David J
David J328 days ago
My kitchen was installed by the previous owner shortly before I took ownership of my property but started to fall apart after only 7 years. I didn't know it was a Wren kitchen at the time.

All my kitchen doors have failed i.e. the foil coverings are coming away from the wood. This started happening a few years ago (2018) but I haven't done anything about it until today.

I am trying to source replacement doors as the rest of the kitchen is fine. In order to get a match I took one of the smaller doors into the local Kitchen suppliers to compare. Finally, in Wren I found the exact doors. They are precisely the same moldings down to the angle of the bevels in the Shaker design and precisely match the colour.

But Wren won't sell the doors on their own - only an entire kitchen. What an environmental disaster that would be! New carcasses, new worktops, new trims, new tiling and an awful lot of waste to dispose of! Just for the sake of some doors.

Not that I would really want the same doors from the same company - the original kitchen must have been in around 2011 at the earliest. It was 2018 when the doors failed. 7 years is very poor indeed.
Andrew Pierce
Andrew Pierce1 year ago
Very high quality work, but slow and on the expensive side. Very happy now that the work is done and relatively quick once the actual physical work got started but took a long time to get organised. If you have patience, it will be rewarded.

Previous review below:
Not so good. Took our money for a deposit and then wouldn't return emails or calls. Had to physically go to the store to make an appointment for later in the week. Will see about follow up, but cannot recommend unfortunately.
Mark Gilding
Mark Gilding1 year ago
Beware of designers who feel too much like salespeople. Had a rotten experience with one “designer”. Shame because I have purchased two kitchens from other Wren stores in the past. Beware of this store
T K Sandhu Bose
T K Sandhu Bose2 years ago
Their designer service is very good with good colour co-ordination. Can't fault them. Please read on for the reasons behind the two stars.

1. The quality was ok. Please check photos attached. ok they refunded some of the chipped units which I think it is fair. But for one to two units, the faults shouldn't have happened or I have ordered a lower price range.

2. I complained to Wren after sales on the cornice and pelmets which was not discussed nor shown on the photos of the design nor mention in the diagrams. Moreover, The designer knows my opinion on cornice/Pelmet where if they do not cover the gap from the top of the units to the ceiling, it is a waste to order them.
Well, Wren would not return it after a few email exchanges as they mentioned they do not take returns. This is £80 out of pocket. I found out these items are automatically ordered but not discussed. Please watch out for these items.
As an eco concern, What am I going to do with these excess? I can't throw them away and neither do anybody wants them.

3. I found out they do not respond to the email replies but respond to the comments on the items in the account page of the website. Why cant they respond to the email replies?

So here are the facts. Please be aware of the facts before you buy the kitchen units from them.
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