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Trumpington Allotment Society

Foster Rd, Trumpington, Cambridge, CB2 9JN, United Kingdom

Trumpington Allotment Society
Land allotment
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54C8+5X Cambridge, UK
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Ken Hamilton
Ken Hamilton
Friendly, good services on site, sandy soil warms quickly in spring.
Callum Cope
Callum Cope
Haven't been in but it never looks bad from cyclinfg past, no obvious amounts of rubbish or delapidation.
Emilia Rudz
Emilia Rudz
Very friendly people around, helpful and knowledgable. It's perfect for a weekend of reconnecting with the family and the nature too
János Füzi
János Füzi
Yes, helping out a friend. Nice place and nice project.
David Lafont
David Lafont
Just to be clear, this is not a public place that can be visited. This is an allotment for people that are renting a plot.
Adam Foxon
Adam Foxon175 days ago
As long as you keep to the over thort slightly fascist rules there's a couple of dirty mouldy benches to sit on in the community orchard not sure your allowed in if you're not local dogs are not welcome don't go after dusk
Helen Edwards
Helen Edwards1 year ago
A few years ago I had a tour of the allotments, and was able to borrow the apple press for use at an Apple Day I organised in my village. A great facility. They were so kind loaning us the apple press and scratter.
Amy Lafont
Amy Lafont2 years ago
Allotment site visible from adjacent footpath - always looks well maintained and presentable. Good community project with a number of events throughout the year (such as plant/seed swaps) which are open to the public.
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