St. Davids Launderette

24B St. Davids Hill, Exeter EX4 4DT, United Kingdom

St. Davids Launderette
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Monday: 8–20
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Suzanne Hydes
Suzanne Hydes
Like other reviewers, I've had money taken by the drying machines only to find they are stone cold after 40 minutes (obviously malfunctioning) and my washing is still soaking wet. There are no contact details for the owners, so I left a letter for them asking them to contact me for a refund. Funnily enough, I haven't heard back from these mysterious owners. It's a pity, as it used to be wonderful and feature a community book collection which was wonderful to browse whilst waiting. They claim to have CCTV (although I haven't seen any cameras) and sometimes you can get some unsavoury characters (drunk) hanging around. Apart from that it's conveniently located near the city centre.
Laura Frankland
Laura Frankland
The owner of this launderette is nothing more than a common thief. Machines regularly steal money, dryers don't work no notices are put up and when tried the washing comes out soaking wet. He lives in Torbay never opens up has a key holder to close at night and no number to contact. Whatever you do don't use this launderette, he also owns the one on Sidwell Street. Trading standards are aware of this owner and apparently he has had previous warnings, will be contacting them again tomorrow
Christopher Arthur
Christopher Arthur
If I could put zero stars I would. Wasted 50p on powder for machine 10 followed instructions for payment using card, coins, card then cash again. 4 attempts no luck. Other people tried also with no luck. No number to call. Frustrating
Iain Marshall
Iain Marshall
Generally clean and tidy, except for Sundays when students seem to do their weekly wash. It is also busier then, otherwise relatively quiet.

Open 7 days a week 7am-9pm, AN HOUR LATER than most other Launderettes in the city. Not as expensive as some others despite having relatively NEW washers and dryers.

There are 4×£5 and 1×£7 washers together with 5 dryers for which 50p gets you 5 minutes of drying time.

Don't try to put too many 50p card payments for drying on in quick succession or your Debit or Credit Card may automatically get temporarily blocked by your bank for too many transactions in a short space of time.
Ideally, do no more than TWO transactions then wait a minute or two before the next two payments and you shouldn't have any problems.

Someone must have had this problem recently and got so frustrated that they punched and broke the Contactless Card Reader. Although it still worked as a card reader, the LCD screen was a smashed and blank display.
The whole unit has since been replaced and is now 100% working.
Keith Joseph
Keith Joseph
No instructions; had to guess where to put the soap powder (ended up dividing it in two and half got used). Dryer only seemed to work in five-minute cycles. Credit card payment system is opaque and temperamental. Had to borrow 50p coin to get the soap. Ended up with my clothes half-washed and half-dried.
Alfie Carlisle (CARLISLE, Alfie)
Alfie Carlisle (CARLISLE, Alfie)
I have seen quite a few negative reviews on here however I have been using this laundrette for 2 months or so now and have had no issues at all. A wash is £5. The drier is 50p for 5 minutes.
The washing machines do a good job, I bring my own detergent and colour catcher sheets but you can also get a cup of soap for 50p which smells nice and seems to be good quality.
It is never too busy in the evenings, there is always at least two or three machines available.
The card payment machine is a bit odd but once you get the hang of it, it's fine. The key is to press the small touch screen before entering your machine number, and then tap your card.
The washing machines have various cycles although I always use number 4 which is 30 degrees to avoid shrinking things.
The keyholder who locks up is friendly and I had a good chat with him. He told me that the last 2 minutes of the drier cycle is a 'cool down' phase so you are best adding more time to the drier whilst it is still going. 25 minutes on 'high' for me does a weeks worth of laundry (including towels) without anything coming out damp. Overall, a good laundrette which I spend just under £10 a week at.
Marius Toma
Marius Toma105 days ago
Took the money and machine never started no numbers to call either
Vipul Patel
Vipul Patel2 years ago
Great when it works but the cash machine always steals coins - don't use it, use a card even though that's a pain for the dryer.

The washing machines don't seem to get hot either, the clothes come out cold no matter what temp is set
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