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The Red Balloon

57 Warkworth Terrace, Cambridge CB1 1EE, United Kingdom

The Red Balloon
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643J+H4 Cambridge, United Kingdom
+44 1223 357714
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Matthew warren (pikachufan163)
Matthew warren (pikachufan163)
When I was bullied at school I felt like I was never going to get help, but that all changed when I attended this school. The Red Balloon helped me recover from all that grief and gave me a chance to learn In a calm and friendly environment.
Daniel Hotchner
Daniel Hotchner
I was a pupil at Red Balloon over ten years ago but maintain contact with the occasional visit. When studying at the Centre, I was struck by the impressive, gentle approach taken by all the teachers and how my personal program of lessons was tailored to my precise difficulties, namely bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, shades of Asperger's and complications from all of these.

I made my way through my academic journey in my own indubitable way, with constant, unwavering and outstanding pastoral care, including meetings with Jessica Lechner, the RB coordinator in Cambridge. Whenever I needed to see her, an appointment was expedited.

Now I am due to start a pharmacology course at Bristol University and am looking forward to this. However, I know I couldn't have made this journey without the compassionate and patient skills from the stellar staff when I was a pupil. Thank you Red Balloon!

I have a wealth of experience in psychiatric drugs. I have studied with international authorities in psychopharmacology at the Neuroscience Education Institute. I am in the process of setting up a neuro and psych drug education service in Cambridge to teach doctors more about the drugs they prescribe. I am working with a trainee neurologist MD PhD as a business partner, who currently works as a doctor in neuro intensive care in Cambridge.

I have ambitions to study medicine after pharmacology and know that paediatric psychiatry might suit me the best as this group of service users share my immature sense of humour - now, at 26, I still laugh when I see a naked statue!
Siyah Papatya
Siyah Papatya2 years ago
Former intern🙋‍♀️. It was a great time I was allowed to spend there. I'm really missing these days. Best regards from Germany
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