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Spondon Nooze N Booze

63 Borrowfield Rd, Spondon, Derby DE21 7HE, United Kingdom

Spondon Nooze N Booze
Liquor store
39 reviews
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WJ62+XH Derby, United Kingdom
+44 1332 671150
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Monday: 6–20
Tuesday: 6–20
Wedneasday: 6–20
Thursday: 6–20
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Saturday: 7–20
Sunday: 8–20
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Lottie Chappell
Lottie Chappell
Great,friendly convenience store. Always get what we need. Staff are friendly and welcoming
Cain Peach
Cain Peach
My brother did a paper round there and when he said that we were going on holiday the shopkeeper said no your not and the shopkeepers name was sut
Chris Forbes
Chris Forbes
Good local shop.has a lot of stuff to choose from
Mark Carver
Mark Carver
Great little store always friendly and helpful. Apart from one lady. I think shes the manager or is wife. She is always on her phone! she dont stop! even when your trying to ask her for bags. She ignores you. Next time I'm just leaving the shopping on the side.
Chantelle Webster
Chantelle Webster
How I have been treated by the staff (Mangers ) in this shop , Is sicking in these difficult times of need, we should all be pulling togther as one to get through it ! Rather than being extremely rude and disrespectful!
Also I was a very good customer and I have had a awful lot of disrespect shown towards me and my friends and family who have also been coming into this shop for everyday more than once a day for at least 10 years !
I will not be going back into this shop as I do not feel like I have any respect given to me and I also feel belittled by the staff and I have always shown them respect more than they have ever shown me!
Also they are always on their phones even when it comes to paying for your items they dont even put their phones down!
I wouldn't reccomend anybody to visit this shop!
Awful customer service!
Just generally really disappointed after all these years of being a loyal customer!
Mark Goodman
Mark Goodman292 days ago
Lovely well stocked little shop.
Stuart Haywood
Stuart Haywood1 year ago
Sutt,wife and son have always been good to me, nice manner 👍
Ellie Shaw
Ellie Shaw2 years ago
These guys Helped me so much during lockdown, they even recognised my sunflower lanyard when I didn’t realise it was on show, since first lockdown I’ve struggled to go anywhere because of my disabilities but these guys are amazing and have helped me build up more confidence in going new places and they are super friendly, absolutely the best shop I’ve ever been they definitely need more recognition, not only is it a local shop but it’s a shop that for me had made going outside and to this shop a lot easier 💜💜
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