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Summerland Gate, Belgrave Rd, Exeter EX1 2LB, United Kingdom

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PFGH+F2 Exeter, United Kingdom
+44 345 050 7080
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Caroline Harding
Caroline Harding
I used yr car park yesterday as I was taking my disabled client to vue cinema. And wot was distressing was on way back in to pay for our ticket was that there is no ramp at ticket stations. U hav a few spaces to park but no ramp to pay. Do how do u expect a disabled person ' on there own ' to pay for ticket. This is not at all practical. Very poor. U haven't looked at every aspect of a disabled person
Tim welbourne
Tim welbourne
I like this car park I always manage to find a space. Good sized slots and turning spaces. Pay at a machine when you return to your car
Great for parking in, friendly helpfull staff
Gary Lomax
Gary Lomax
Stopped in here to drop off a parcel in the Royal Mail delivery office, could not have been more than five minutes but had to pay £1.60 to get out of the car park. The worst thing though is the ridiculous high and narrow curbs on the way in and out which require a 15-point turn to align your car with extreme precision to avoid curbing your wheels.
Spaces that are no where near big enough for cars (meaning you will end up with doors opening into yours) and kerbs that are so high and narrow there is a good chance you will damage your wheels. Thanks NCP.
Dave Dome
Dave Dome
Busy car park next to Vue cinema
Bob thomas
Bob thomas2 years ago
Narrow entry and exist. There is no way u can get your car out of this parking without a damage. 2 of my alloy wheels are damaged. DANNGEROUS...
Jalloul Hafsi
Jalloul Hafsi2 years ago
High and narrow curbs , small parking spaces
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