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Haven Banks Car Park

Exeter, EX2 8GP, United Kingdom

Haven Banks Car Park
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PF8C+42 Exeter, United Kingdom
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Naomi maynard
Naomi maynard
AVOID. Like many others on here I assumed parking was from the time I brought the ticket to the time I got back to the car, as it is with every other car park I’ve ever been in. Got slapped with a £54 fine for being over by 7 minutes. That’s a huge amount of money and feels totally unjust
Bryan Elliott
Bryan Elliott
Stay away. Got scammed by Smart Parking. Paid for ticket, got £3 reimbursed by Tenpin Bowling when playing tenpins with the kids, then got £54 fine two weeks later for unauthorised parking. Dishonest company, shame on both Tenpin Bowling and Exeter Council. The fine photos show that I was well under the three hour limit. Smart Parking directors need to be investigated. Not very smart, just dishonest.
Bindu Usher
Bindu Usher
Rather than repeating everything again, I can concur that the review by David Mitchell is also my story. The exact same thing is happening to me now for parking there on 25th March 2022. I have not breached any parking regulations and have been told I'm being fined for breaching and yet the notice doesn't even have the decency to tell me what the breach is! This Smart meter company are obviously cowboys ripping people off. How are they being allowed to get away with it?? I will be ignoring my fine notice. Let them take me to court, I have proof of fee payments and bank statement to say otherwise.What a disgusting bunch of people!
Please be warned.
Nicole Walland
Nicole Walland
Also in agreement with others that smart parking are absolutely ruthless and care more about ripping people off that providing a good customer service. So many people have been fined here and lost their appeal. They cover themselves well with legal wording to refuse your appeal. But in all seriousness, what other business do you know that invoices someone 60x the price of the ticket! Everyone is better parking Futher down in the open car park at the end of the quay. A much nicer car park to use.
Josh Smith
Josh Smith
Most of the negative reviews are not for this car park. This car park is run by Exeter City Council, is free after 6pm, and is a really pleasant and useful place to park. The council don't use ANPR here and don't send large parking tickets in the post for really minor infractions.

Haven Banks Retail Park car park is nearby (outside the bowling alley), but completely separate to this car park and is run by a private company. The company who run Haven Banks Retail Park car park love giving out big fines for minor infractions. So avoid Haven Banks Retail Park and park here instead!
DA CA WA28 days ago
Avoid these "smart" car parks. The company that runs them is only out to rip you off and steal your money with punitive fines, even when you buy a ticket from their machines.
Avoid. It's just not worth the inevitable hassle.
David Randall
David Randall28 days ago
Convenient parking for the quayside, normally fairly quiet.
Karl norton
Karl norton58 days ago
A good place to park if you want to stroll along the canal
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