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South West Pest Control Service

33 Streamers Meadows, Honiton EX14 2DN, United Kingdom

South West Pest Control Service
Pest control service
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QRW5+6F Honiton, United Kingdom
+44 1404 43950
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G7VVE Tony
G7VVE Tony
Great fast service A+
Jim mclean
Jim mclean
Martin Trude
Martin Trude
Very good top service
Matthew Gunbie
Matthew Gunbie2 years ago
Wasps nest in the cavity wall, entrance on the roof of neighbours garage. I attempted clearing it with wasp nest powder... all I did was anger them.
One 5 minute phone call and within 30 minutes; South West Pest Control were here and had it cleared.
Wish I used this efficient service before wasting time and money on domestic products.
Hopefully won't use them again but if I have a post problem I know who I'll be using!
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