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Marycliff Piano Lessons
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George Lawes
George Lawes
I have just completed my first year playing the piano with Clifford and have thoroughly enjoyed every lesson.
Clifford is an excellent teacher which comes across from the vast experience he has gained from being a concert pianist and a teacher for many years.
I had played the piano many years ago but decided to start as a beginner and I think that has worked very well.
Clifford ensures that you play with the correct technique and makes each lesson very constructive. This makes playing the more difficult pieces much easier.
My only regret is that I should have started playing twenty years ago.
Ricky Acott
Ricky Acott
My 10 year old son has been having piano lessons with Maryvonne for almost a year now. He was quite nervous to begin with but Maryvonne put him at ease with a reassuring and calm approach. He is now reading music and really enjoying playing, especially the Christmas carols. I would definitely recommend.
Tessa Riley
Tessa Riley
My 9 year old son was extremely keen to learn the piano and has been having lessons with Maryvonne for over 2 years . She has a wonderful ,gentle and inspiring way of teaching . Maryvonne has taken his initial enthusiasm and developed it into a real love of music. This is so important at this young age and means that he will continue to play as he gets older . What a wonderful teacher ,my son loves his lessons !
Shirley Girling
Shirley Girling
I have been learning piano with Cliff since November 2017. I was somewhat unsure about embarking on piano lessons in my late 40s when the last time I played music was on a recorder, aged 10, particularly at a time when life is busy and I have a tiring commute. However, I have been lucky enough to find in Cliff a music teacher who is not only a master of his craft and skilled in teaching but also astute to the individual learning needs of his pupils and he flexes his approach accordingly. He is enormously patient, particularly with me, given I often turn up exhausted after a long week and have so little time to practise, and yet I still seem to make good progress. It is testament to Cliff that I have stuck at it and I would recommend him highly to other adult learners.
Samir pai
Samir pai
My son began his piano journey as a 4 and a half year old lad.Its nearly coming up to 5 years since he had his first lesson.As a parents we are delighted with his progress. Maryvonne is a fantastic teacher and is excellent with children.She is patient and has the ability to bring the best out of every child without putting too much pressure.

The emphasis has always been on enjoying music and doing it correctly i.e. learning the correct technique/methods.This is the reason we have recommended Maryvonne to a few friends and we will continue to do so.
Lynette Fulcher
Lynette Fulcher
I love attending my piano lessons, Clifford is a brilliant pianist and a fantastic teacher. My lessons are fun but also challenging and rewarding. I can not believe how far I have progressed. I would strongly recommend
Ralph Kahn
Ralph Kahn218 days ago
As a mature aged student in my 80s I never thought I will ever be able to learn to play Piano and find someone who has patience to teach an old fellow. During COVID lockdown I approach Clifford Evans in Ipswich UK he was delighted to give me lessons online on ZOOM, although we are miles apart I live in Sydney Australia with a time difference of 10 hours doesn’t matter.
Clifford is very polite with patience of Jonah he is very methodical. His approach is simple; lessons are tailor made for each student. I am immensely satisfied and thoroughly enjoy the lessons.
I am fulfilling a lifetime dream to learn to read music and play. I am an Accountant working from home; it means I can work at my own pace and in my own home without interrupting other commitments.
Charlotte Beauchamp
Charlotte Beauchamp280 days ago
Review of Skype piano Lessons 22/8/20

Piano lessons using Skype have exceeded my expectations

After Covid 19 lockdown I was thrilled to able to resume lessons with Clifford using the newly developed Skype Studio. I have been having traditional lessons at Marycliff Piano Lessons since October 2017 where the standard of teaching is of very high quality. Initially I was a little sceptical about Skype lessons, thinking they could never be as effective and enjoyable as traditional face-to face lessons. I am delighted to say that my progress has continued at the same rate. In fact I have found that this format helps you to concentrate better, and you seem to get more done in the lesson. When Clifford is demonstrating a technique or playing a piece of music, the cameras focuses in very closely on the keyboard so that you can see and understand very clearly. A floating camera also gives me a birds-eye view of the keyboard and it can zoom in closely on the hands or on the musical score. The picture and the sound quality is surprisingly good, as if I am there in the music room. The opportunity to continue with the lessons is a huge bonus for me and I can recommend this facility to any potential pupils.

Charlotte ( Adult learner since October 2017)
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