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Police Federation South West
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Russ George
Russ George
my experience of federation in recent years has been poor. A number of instances where I had done nothing wrong all federation were interested in doing was bargaining with the professional standards department for a lesser punishment. No interest in actually fighting my case of innocence. So much so that sanctions given were reversed by departments in the force who weren’t in agreement with PSD!

Was dropped to half pay through sickness as a result of injury / illness on duty and again no one interested I had to fight tooth and nail to get reinstated to full pay but succeeded only by myself with fed having no interest, they did absolutely nothing for my half pay I had to do it all.

700 pages of evidence (due to legal reasons I cannot disclose what) was given to my fed rep to discuss higher up and I was told nothing could be done. I later went back to federation only to find that my evidence was never taken anywhere or shown to anyone else in the federation.

I then forwarded my evidence onwards whereby the fed picked it to pieces as though they were PSD them selves, they refused to send it for legal advice which is your right as a member.

Using one of the best reps I ever knew now long into retirement I sought him out for advice and was advised to go to another force. I did this and the other force sent the evidence for legal advice within the week.

However due to D&C fed sitting on it for over 8 weeks doing nothing with it lots of the evidence was out of date for employment tribunal.

The extra insurance you can pay for with the fed again should have made up my half pay to full pay however it is only 20% of your gross (tax free) so you will be short!

The legal expenses cover as part of your extra insurance for £25,000 again is useless as in the small print it doesn’t cover you if your claim arrises from BEING or HAVING BEEN a police officer!

When I called the insurance they said it was tailored for when you retire and work at b&q if you have issues then you can make a claim then! That was his actual words! So potentially 30 years of insurance premiums for when you work elsewhere in retirement???!!!

So insurance not fit for purpose and a federation uninterested in doing anything and in my case even hampered my complaints.

After complaining a lot I was told they would finally send for legal advice but was even asked to sign the legal advice form blank and they would fill it out later!

End result after 15 years service and continual issues within the police and lack of support from everyone including federation I resigned.

Save your money and take out private insurance that actually covers you with an independent solicitor should you require it.

Remember your legal advice is a right as a member but also worth noting the legal advice is “in house” and are employees of the federation. You will not get an independent solicitor to review your claim you will get an employee of the police federation reviewing you claim against the police! Take from that what you will.

15 years of insurance premiums to the fed many thousands of pounds for nothing in return.

You have the right to go to any force for advice you do not have to use your own force! But you won’t hear them telling you that!

I got everything I should have got from another force when D&C Fed did nothing

William Snell
William Snell
Mustafa AYDIN
Mustafa AYDIN139 days ago
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