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Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge Campus

Anglia Ruskin University, East Rd, Cambridge CB1 1PT, United Kingdom

Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge Campus
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Gabriel Anisiei
Gabriel Anisiei1 year ago
The ARU did not manage to enroll me as an international student.
They simply forgot me which concluded into me not being able to apply for a visa as well as accommodation, additionally I am now wasting 1 semester waiting to enroll myself for another university because it’s now too late to enroll somewhere else. Not only have I given up my apartment as well as my job in order to move to Cambridge I am also now not able to finish my studies in standard period of time, which in general is reducing the quality of my final degree. It has been nothing but stressful to apply as well as to contact someone from the university who could help me.
All of my emails haven’t been responded to and no calls have been picked up from November 2022 until January 2023.
For everyone wanting to go to Cambridge save yourself the stress and go somewhere worth seeing.

Gabriel Anisiei
Adanna Cynthia
Adanna Cynthia2 years ago
This is very useles university
To my African bothers and sisters pls don’t apply to this rubbish university, they’ve been holding my 7300 pounds for the few months. They won’t give you CAS but they will be fast to take money and very slow to refund. Horrible customer service, horrible school.
Reza Chowdhury
Reza Chowdhury2 years ago
Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained.

It’s such a beautiful campus with modern facilities.
Alfred Evelyn
Alfred Evelyn2 years ago
It's a worst ,scam school, and waste some time and money, you we pay deposit even 60% they we cancel your offer, they we not give you CAS. Their agent are irresponsible.
Ishu Thakur
Ishu Thakur2 years ago
The Admission process is worst and their management is rude. They will give you conditional offer Letter and after the initial deposit they won't even respond you. I feel that they are doing partiality with North Indians and the question which were asked in the interview was personal and not related to the course. They won't give you second chance and simply cancel your offer Letter. We have deposited full fess of the course (MSC Nursing Clinical) and they took almost 4 months to refund our fees. I really want serious action against the fraud agents
Xlyn lyn
Xlyn lyn2 years ago
If you want sanity please avoid this place. I studied here in 2015 for a Master in public Health. I passed all my courses except for one .the research proposal which I failed really badly.mind you I am a first class honors bachelor student. On inquiry why I had failed really badly they said that that my content was too wide,that I should have narrowed it down. Why didn't my supervisor tell me this when she was supervising my project..anyway..when I also sent one of the lectures an email over the weekend,when she saw me the next week she approached me an literally screamed at me not to contact her over the weekend as she doesn't work. Mind you I had just sent a polite reminder and had asked her the question on a weekday, which she didn't reply.i spent over 10,000 pounds here but the quality of education was just not worth it.
Kiran thakur
Kiran thakur2 years ago
Seriously very bad university. Don't deserve even a single star. They just wasted my time. They will definately going to accept your offer and then they will gone take your pre cas interview with some rude person who is going to reject u without any solid reason. Even if u feel that your interview was excellent. Same thing happened with me. I really regret on applying and wasted my precious time on this Ridiculous university. They wasted my both September and january intake due to their late refund process. Even I chased my self for long time and today they refund my complete fee after 3month. Due to this university I missed my January intake for Aberdeen university. I will never recommed this university to any one. Their agents in India are very rude, fraud and unprofessional they will gone ask you personal questions during interview. It seems that they will search for some weak point to reject you even if they don't find any, they will gone reject you by saying that u are not ready to come here. Guys don't go with this university.
Mitchell Foyle-York
Mitchell Foyle-York2 years ago
So, I am doing a Master's through a small research institute, but the course is done in conjunction with ARU and they handle all the administration side of things. The institute themselves are great, however, I have had nothing but absolutely awful service when I have to deal with ARU. I'm really not one to leave reviews, but their communication is so poor that I'm literally writing this in the hope that one of their team will see it and chase up my issue.

Firstly, I had to ask for *my own* official offer letter about 2 weeks before my course even started. It would seem that they just forgot about my existence. Secondly, as a full-time student I am reliant on student loan as my main source of income, and somehow they managed to screw that up too. I have been awarded the wrong amount by Student Finance. I was told by Student Finance that ARU need to contact them to approve my current loan amount so I can at least get some money, and then they need to send over a course transfer request so I can get the full loan amount. Anyway, to cut a long story short, they didn't even bother to approve my loan with Student Finance until days after my course actually started, and they just completely ignored my request for them to send over the course transfer to Student Finance so I can actually receive the money I need to be able to afford the course. I have sent them two emails in two weeks regarding this, and I have not heard a peep back.

Honestly guys -- you screwed up my offer letter *and* my student loan. Surely those are the two most basic things any admin department needs to do for a student? If it wasn't for the fact that this has me stressing about money, it would be comical.

In what world is it ok to make your students wait over 2 weeks for their loan money? What are your admin team doing to not even reply to emails within that time? It feels like I am just being ignored.
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