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Acorn Lettings

25 Anchor Rd, Barrow-in-Furness LA14 2QW, United Kingdom

Acorn Lettings
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4Q3C+2C Barrow-in-Furness, United Kingdom
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Robin Jameson
Robin Jameson
My mother rented a flat off Acorn. One day, with no warning, they changed the locks when she was out. Even if she was 12 months behind in rent, this is an illegal eviction.

After I left a message - of course they didn't answer the phone - threatening to contact my MP, they called back and offered a one-hour slot for her to get her things.

From what I've heard from other tenants, they did this a few times to get old tenants out so that they could renovate and sell all of the flats. Why spend money renovating flats if the tenants are old, disabled or on DSS? Kick them out, renovate and then rent them out to BAE contractors!

The worst part? What they didn't realise is that my mother had a cat, which was locked inside when my mother couldn't enter the flat. When entry was finally possible, he was malnourished and RPSCA had to step in.
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