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Dent Security Systems
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Rob Wick
Rob Wick
I have a very small office in my garden, but it has been protected by Dents for a few years now. All has been well and Dents have maintained it every year.
We have had great customer service from Dents. We chose the company as they are a well established local business. They are always on time, do a good job and we feel a lot more assured whenever we leave the house!
We would recommend this company .......and after all, when you see a Dents alarm on the front of a house, you know it is not a fake one!
Doug Hall
Doug Hall
Dent was recommended to me after our house was broken into, and we wanted the security upgrading. The guy that came out to discuss our requirements and quote was extremely knowledgeable and helpful and we got a quote very shortly.

Despite agreeing to the work, and completing their sale agreement, they never contacted me back to do the work despite my chasing up at least once. After waiting for several months I ended up giving the work to Cambs Lock & Safe who completed the work the same day I called them.

I can only assume that they are so busy and flush with cash that they can just ignore the jobs they don't want to do.

Awful customer service, imagine what they're like once they have your cash!!
Joan Fawson
Joan Fawson
I am fairly new to Cambridge and when my car key snapped off in the door lock, I telephoned around to get a quote to have this removed. I was dismayed when I was quoted anything from £180.00 and upwards.
I phoned Dents and they quoted £65.00 to call and remove the snapped key, and they assured me that if they could not do it, then they do not charge for the call out. The were able to do it and they were very helpful in locating the code for my key, as I did not have it, and my car is very old and they were able to do it and at a very reasonable cost. My car is a Nissan and Nissan were not able to do this. The new manager was extremely helpful and professional. I am so glad that other people in Cambridge recommended Dents to me and they were not wrong. I got what I wanted and saved a packet. JCF
Derek Prater
Derek Prater
Installation & Maintenance has been carried out very efficiently over the years and any problems that have arisen have been resolved very quickly. Based on my experience I have recommended Dents to several friends and neighbours. (CN15470)
Mike Lewis
Mike Lewis
I telephoned on or about 16 August and was promised an updated quote by the end of the following week (24 August). There was no reply to an email on 20 August and when i visited early one weekday afternoon the shop was locked up and there was no sign of activity. They didn't get back to me until 13 September by which time I had accepted another quote. The thing is if they take that long when I am offering them money how long will it take if I have a problem with a system they install?
Mr Trick
Mr Trick
This shop isn't actually open for walk in business. That's fair enough, but how about putting a notice on your website, so people don't have a wasted trip. No notice on the door either. Go to Hall's on Mill road instead.
Sarah Burton
Sarah Burton2 years ago
They have some public sector , local goverment contracts that are priority and the bread and butter financialy, so they can pick and choose what ordinary retail customers they can be bothered about, several years ago they were in Financial Dificulty and an Australian Millionaire took over and invested money into this company , trouble is the previous rot and reasons why the business got a bad reputation by senior managers and the way it was run and customers were treated remained un changed, and still the ongoing caurse of no customer service etc. Yes they are knowledgeable and Qualified , its just if they can be Botherd that is the Issue, I see one review in particular refers to thease points.Dont ever upset them as they will become Revengefull , if you report them to the regulatory Dispute organisation, be prepared that I believe the Australian is asociated with that despite resolution organisation, and thats a conflict of interest? So your complaint and dispute resolution will go no where!
As I said when they do the job it is professional, its just getting that opertunity in the first place.
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