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Beehive Centre

Coldhams Ln, Cambridge, CB1 3ET, United Kingdom

Beehive Centre
Shopping mall
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644V+5H Cambridge, UK
+44 1223 307048
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Monday: 6–23
Tuesday: 6–23
Wedneasday: 6–23
Thursday: 6–23
Friday: 6–23
Saturday: 6–22
Sunday: 10–16
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The shops are okay, the parking is fine, the shoppers often don't know how to drive around the car park without putting people at risk but some of the shops are nice. As others are saying, the surrounding shops during rush hour are a nightmare
Sergio Alejandro González
Sergio Alejandro González
Great place to shop. Due to tier 4 restrictions some shop allow clients to enter and other shops make you shop in the sidewalk. Waiting lines were no too long.
Mr KMM292 days ago
Great array of large stores, furniture, garden, home, eating establishments, coffee houses and many more.
Just off the main drag behind the Grafton Centre but on the Newmarket Road. Easy to get to and free parking for 4hrs, a bonus for sure.
Hardeep Sharma
Hardeep Sharma1 year ago
Was back here for the first time in many years and a little relieved to see it was still mostly the same. Parking is free for up to 4 hours, while shopping. The range of stores is still very good and there are a Costa and a Subway, should you need a break.
Jamie Titchener
Jamie Titchener1 year ago
A pretty standard branch of Pets at Home, pretty much the usual product range and animals are offered at this store. The one thing I did note when looking at the fish and asking for some help is the staff were tittle tattling and rude. If I wanted backchat when my backs turned I don't expect it from an organisation I'm potentially spending money with. The fish at the store looked reasonably healthy, no real health problems to note that I saw. No jaw dropping fish either, it you want something different go to a local independent aquatics retailer, Weston Aquatics, Ely Exotics, Amwell Aquatics, Ornamental Fish Farm, etc.
Alina MIMI
Alina MIMI1 year ago
This time I've visited Home Craft.
Friday they are open utill 16:30.
A huge number of little things for a variety of needlework, sewing and creativity.
Andy Deane
Andy Deane1 year ago
Lots of shopping centres like Asda and there's a subway with it too so I can buy my subway cookies and compare them to Asdas. I have no life

Roads not good I think even the council would do a better job and my brother went the wrong way but maybe he's just an idiot

Overall is good I like it😎
Lisa McCarroll
Lisa McCarroll2 years ago
The beehive itself it's pretty good, it's the lack of toilets and changing facilities that let it down. The only toilets I know of other than Costa and subway are asda and they are disgusting. Baby changing is always locked too.
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