Cherry Hinton Rd, Cambridge, CB1 8DH, United Kingdom

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55P6+54 Cambridge, United Kingdom
+44 1223 400100
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Ann Presence
Ann Presence
If ever desperate for petrol or something day or night you can pop in here. Worth knowing about in that emergency of forgetfulness. Most things stocked, expensive but worth paying for the convenience. Thanks to staff who work here 24/7
Megan Marshall
Megan Marshall78 days ago
I got lost on my way home. Phone had died. Ran out of fuel. Needed the bathroom I had been riding on my motorbike for way over an hour. It was around 3.30 when I found this fuel station..fuelled up. Asked to use the bathroom or the phone. I explained im lost and I needed directions and the bathroom. The person serving me didn't want to help at all. Refused me toilet access and a phone. I'm disgusted theyre supposed to be 24 hours but basically left me for dead after I had paid for their services? I'm a 21 year old woman who was terrified in an area I don't recognise. I understand that the staff need protection but I was no threat to anyone.
Michael flude
Michael flude292 days ago
I've had several problems at this station ,BANK MACHINE IS UNRELIABLE often get there to use not working ,this time requested £250 ,but no money issued THEY DEBITED MY ACCOUNT £250 GAVE NO CASH ,phoned bank ,they investigated refunded me emediately ,this bank machine is unreliable ,the service STN is full of vans . I will now ONLY USE TESCO for cash & fuel.

I had enough of this budgeons PETROL STN site I will never use again ,Tesco for fuel & bank machine from now on
Antonio Fiorito
Antonio Fiorito2 years ago
convenient for gasoline but the supermarket is a real offense for regular customers the prices are all doubled the products that expire in a day first necessities products such as bread expired the staff that changes every week and unprofessional.
Thor Snekkestad
Thor Snekkestad2 years ago
It's a petrol station and prefer BP fuel over tesco as I've heard they use old petrol. Also there's a Budgeons inside. A little pricy but stomachable.
Gillian Bainbridge
Gillian Bainbridge2 years ago
Convenient for petrol. Service good. Selling food stuffs drink and household as a supermarket.
Jade Elmazi
Jade Elmazi2 years ago
Excellent service and selection of food/drink to buy :)
Malc Hills
Malc Hills2 years ago
Very nice people who were always polite and helpful thanks again and also great 24/7.opening times. 👍.
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